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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ladies And Gentlemen, Our First New Show Renewal #Blindspot #DVRRewind #NBC #Renewed

Ladies And Gentlemen, Our First New Show Renewal #Blindspot #DVRRewind #NBC #Renewed

All pictures courtesy of NBC 

So, I'm switching up things a little as I'm doing a DVR rewind slightly earlier than usual by doing it in the middle of the week. Technically by the time you read this, it'll be Thursday and not Wednesday which is when I'm writing it, but who cares about semantics. It's time to talk the latest episode of Blindspot.

But first the big news. After weeks of trying to figure out if Jane Doe was really what the American people wanted, and giving into a full season order for the freshman crime procedural drama, NBC executives finally pulled the trigger and renewed Blindspot (#Blindspot) for a second season. For fans of the show this is clearly great news. Not only do we and all of you late comers get to see Jane/Taylor's journey play out for longer than a year, we also get to obsess over what each tattoo means and the will they/won't they dichotomy between her and Weller. So again, if you haven't seen the show and are looking for a new show to watch that you know won't be canceled anytime soon, then you might want to use some of the upcoming Thanksgiving and other Holiday time not just shopping but bingeing on the first half of the season and see if you like it. There's also my Blindspot three week roundup post which you can access by clicking the tag Blindspot at the bottom of this article.

Now, on to the actual episode. This week's episode saw the group tackling another corruption scandal. Picking up mid-scene from the previous episode, Agent Weller and his boss who's named Bethany (a black Bethany? Well, I never met one but I'm sure they exist) discuss the secret program she was a part of a long while ago. Code-named: Daylight, it is revealed in flashbacks as she tells him about it that it was a joint program between the FBI, CIA, and the White House Political Director (uh, what?), led by the President's Chief of Staff. What it did was compile a mass of illegally obtained data that posed actionable threats in the form of terrorism or other criminal activity. Essentially it was the Patriot Act on steroids, spying on the American people to protect them from the few evil-doers.

Begrudgingly agreeing to use the program, Weller's boss needed a way to launder the illegally obtained info so that it would appear legal. She created a fake snitch story and pinned it to an already known criminal that they caught last week. Incensed by his mentor's law-breaking, Weller stays upset the entire episode which, frankly, isn't that much of a difference in his facial expression as any other time--when will this dude start smiling more? With that in the back of his mind and flashbacks of the genesis and use of the program sprinkled through the episode, Weller must focus on figuring out the next case.

For a brief moment, the writers tease us with a potential case that has nothing to do with Jane's tattoos when two cops are shot dead in the street. A message written in blood (or possibly just red paint) reads "Butcher the Butchers." The loving term "Butchers" is used for the street name for the cops of the 65th NY precinct as just last year the cops set off a racial riot when one of them gunned down an unarmed black man. Though some of the cops got fired, everyone was on high tension in the neighborhood ever since. Now with the cop murder and the Butcher nickname used, they think it's a revenge killing. And, oh yeah, Jane had a tattoo of a butcher's knife with 65 written on it and surrounded by what first looked like sniper crosshairs.

The normal jockeying for power between the Feds and the cops aside, Weller and his crew take over the case and talk to the man's partner. While interviewing her, they realize that the cops all wear body cams in that precinct as part of the pilot program before rolling it out nationally. Using the footage from the dead man's body cam, they find a scuffle between him and a pro footballer (the American kind). They track him to his house where he is throwing a party filled with scantily clad women. Naturally, he runs, they pursue, Jane tackles him.

Back in interrogation, he tells them that the cop tried extorting him after catching him sleeping with a man a week earlier (he was still snugly in that closet). The man wanted 50,000 from him every month.
As it turns out, the footage on the body cams logs to a computer any cop can access, meaning the dead cop wasn't the one looking at and using the footage. Figuring out that the crosshairs on Jane's tattoo aren't from a gun scope but a camera, they discover that two other officers were behind the extortion who they go to ply the man's widow for anything she might know.

A big shootout at the woman's house ends one cop's life and puts the other in the hospital. But wait, the twist which I saw coming from a mile away, was that it was really all orchestrated by their captain, who Bethany takes out with a strategic car crash as they ride to see the hospitalized officer. Congrats all around, the show winds down with Bethany flashing back one last time to see the glory of her bad wig as the Political Deputy woman committed suicide after growing a conscience. Surprise, they were in love with each other and the Politico wanted to run away to Hong Kong. Somebody finally pointed out that Jane has been wearing the same crusty clothes more than Bill Cosby wears sweaters (now if we can change up that hair too), the other FBI agent who made a deal with the CIA deputy knows he holds the power and Weller took a huge step toward forgiving his father by having a drink with him. Next week looks pretty good. Hopefully it leads to an explosive mid-season finale.

What do you think? Were you as tired of seeing Jane wearing the same sweaty white under-tank too? Do you think blonde computer tech girl will get back with her nerdy boyfriend? Will Weller ever trust his boss again? Let me know in the comments below (hint: click the no comments button if you see no comments).

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Until next time, "so you have a closet full of poorly worded hipster tees?"

P.S. Sure, Jane's shirt is far from a hipster tee, but she wears it in both an ironic and utilitarian manner. They don't give her enough money for clothes? Wait, are they even paying her? Huh? I'll think of something better next time.

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