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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Constantine Is Resurrected And Sarah Needs To Be Put To Rest #Arrow #Superheroes #CW

Constantine Is Resurrected And Sarah Needs To Be Put To Rest #Arrow #Superheroes #CW

All pictures courtesy of the CW

Why don't I watch more of this show? Gahhh! I don't normally watch Arrow but when I do, I make sure it's a Flash or other DC property crossover.

Breaking from some of my usual watching habits, this week I decided to tune into the CW's Arrow (#Arrow) for a special episode in which another DC character would be appearing. The character in question was Constantine from the short-lived NBC show of the same name from last season. After a brief 13 episode run on Fridays at the doomed time of 8pm (Undateable and Truth Be Told are there now), NBC put the Warner Bros. owned show out of its misery and canceled it due to its heinously low ratings. It's very rare but in some cases when the studio owns the show as opposed to the show being a co-owned production by the studio and the network, this NBC character was able to jump from station to station and appear in the Arrow/Flash universe (side note: no, he didn't appear on the Flash yet, but who knows what the future holds). Since the show had the same producers as CW's DC world (and Supergirl on CBS), the same actor reprised the role.

Now that we have a little background, the episode was rather crazy. Again, I don't normally watch the show, but I do keep up with the news on this show because it occasionally overlaps with the Flash. Therefore, the fact that they had found and used the Lazarus Pit last season to bring back Oliver after him being killed (read: nearest to death possible) by Ras Al Ghul wasn't new to me. What was new was how many dead people were apparently alive again. This includes Oliver, his sister and a woman named Sarah. Sarah is the sister of Black Canary, another superhero whose father is a police officer. Oliver and his sister are fine but Sarah's got a little problem.

After her father nearly killed, er, re-killed her, Sarah escaped to roam the streets killing anyone who got into her way. A zombie, the crew figures out she is attacking a certain type of person for a certain reason. Though she's killed plenty of men, many of her victims have the exact look as her killer, Oliver's sister. Aw snap! I know. Turns out, she has a craving not for human brains but for peace. Since she was completely dead when thrown into the Lazarus Pit the crew believes that her body was resurrected but not her soul. In order to have peace, she must kill the person who killed her.

Knowing this little tidbit, capturing her is easy. They put Oli's sister out as bait, Sarah takes the bait because she doesn't really have a brain and she gets an arrow in the back, knocking her unconscious. Should they kill her again? No, there's another way.

Back and forth flashes throughout the show of Mr. Queen's past in some kind of military outfit, he is taken to a tent on charges of being a spy. In the tent we meet the spy, our snarky exorcist with an attitude Constantine. Getting his butt beat as usual, he manages to break free from the handcuffs, and kidnaps Oliver away to a place where some dark world artifact is kept locked away by magic. They're first meeting, they happen to jive with each other when Oli saves Constantine from a deadly booby trap. Favors owed, Arrow calls in the blond demon-slayer to cure Sarah from her... sickness.

In need of an exorcism or rather a restitution of her soul, Constantine shows up to Oli's secret hideout with the team and puts her into a summoning circle. A little voodoo and trickery and he manages to take Arrow and Black Canary to the other side of Sarah's mind. Instead of in heaven or even in purgatory, she is being kept in a room resembling what I can only surmise is the Lazarus Pit. Whatever thing jumped into her body before she could during her resurrection is keeping her real soul hostage in the replica pit. Yes, that's confusing. I was very confused by it too, but Constantine was a show I enjoyed and spent nearly all of my time being confused by, so... yeah.

Instead of Oliver or Black Canary pulling out the big heroics, Constantine is the one to defeat the demon/guard thing as the other two grab the girl from the pit goo. Freed, her spirit reunites with her body as her sanity is restored. I don't know how long she's been dead or anything of that nature but I assume this will have long-lasting effects on the show going forward if she was a key character. Even if she wasn't, dead people coming back to life is nothing to shake a stick at.

The other side stories I couldn't keep up with as much not being a longtime fan of the show. Oliver's sister hired him a new campaign manager for his run at the Mayor's office, and the man told him to distance himself from Laurel/Black Canary. Diggle and Black Canary's dad (the cop) dug up some info on Diggle's brother who was killed in a foreign country. His death had something to do with a global criminal organization. Some info at the end of the episode hinted that the man wasn't as upstanding and innocent as his brother believed. And there was also a scene in which Constantine transferred a scar or arm writing of some kind from his skin onto Oliver's stomach through magic. Again, not something I'd be familiar with but I'm sure that Easter egg has come up once or twice in the series before and now the fans have concrete evidence on its origin.

What did you think about last night's episode? Do you think Sarah's restitution will have a big impact on the gang going forward? Were you excited to see another DC character crossover? Did you ever watch Constantine on NBC? How do you think Diggle's brother's death will factor into the rest of the season? Let me know in the comments below (hint: click the no comments button if you see no comments).

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Until next time, hey, mate, you might wanna move back. I'm doin' a bit of magic here.

P.S. With CW's network already packed to the brim with supernatural, witchery, and superhero stuff, I can understand why they wouldn't have space for Constantine. Still, it might have been nice to see it come on as a mid-season replacement of something. Maybe this crossover will breathe new hope for the show yet.

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