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Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Season's First Officially Canceled Show #WickedCity #ABC

The Season's First Officially Canceled Show #WickedCity #ABC

In truth, I am struggling to figure out how to intro this post or even try to summon my own personal brand of snark. For those that subscribe and for those readers that don't, by now you know that I am not a politco by any means. I have brought up certain political viewpoints and counterpoints but much of that has been geared toward stuff that occurs in the ranks of Hollywood and other entertainment outlets. But politics isn't my bag. Well, as the world knows by now, Paris, France just yesterday on Friday, November 13, fell under attack by the group we call IS or ISIS. The number of losses astonishing, I dare not repeat it as it continues to climb well beyond the bounds of sanity. What I will say is that terrorism cannot shake us as a global community. Do not allow this catastrophe to steal the light which burns deep within your spirit. Do not allow these heinous acts to cloud your eyes to the good that, while it may seem deeply hidden away more often than not, exists within all of us. Do not allow this tragedy and the thousands of others that occur each day around the world because of evil's unresting spirit to be forgotten, to numb you, break or remake you into something that you are not. I, in no way, try to relinquish or justify these acts. I am appalled by such beasts. What I will say is that remember if you are to stand for peace, STAND for peace; it is not just terrorism that requires action. Support Paris! #PeaceForParis #LiveInHarmony. Je suis France. My prayers are with them, as I hope are yours if you are religious.

Picture courtesy of ABC

Now, with that said, we have our first big cancellation news from this new TV season and, per usual, it comes from ABC. Look, you can talk about ABC like a dog all you want and about how they're always canceling their new shows which may be why you don't watch them or they never put on anything good, but you have to admit that they do try very hard to think outside of the box while still staying true to their network goals. That means that they try appealing to all demographics. Fox doesn't do that. CW doesn't do that. AMC doesn't really do that (The Walking Dead is not a family show; whoever said it was I clearly misread their sarcasm). And while CBS does it, they do it in very incremental bits each season, i.e., cop shows galore and not a lot of creativity. The only one that really matches up with ABC is NBC, another seldom watched channel. So when ABC comes out with their fall season schedule, it's a good bet that 50% of the shows on there will be misses (a la Wicked City) or potential classics (a la Quantico). And, unfortunately, Wicked City (#WickedCity) has erred on the former, but you knew that... from the title... and from me mentioning it in the previous sentence.

Ladies and gentlemen, after three weeks, three episodes, ABC has officially axed their freshman Tuesday crime drama. For those of you wondering what the hell this show even is/was about, refer back to my three week roundup/review/recap from earlier this week (click the tag below) when their last episode played. Again, though I haven't done the post on why I do a three week roundup, this is almost the exact reason why.

Plagued with a slew of problems, the least not being its mediocrity (oh I shrink at being so critical of someone else's creative work), the show seemed doomed from the start. Little summer advertising, a lack of artistry within the storytelling, not too good acting (Taissa, I'm looking at you) and bland characters whose development actually felt like filler, the show never had that one gotcha moment so crucial for nearly any creative endeavor. You almost didn't care what would happen next and--well, actually that's exactly how people felt. And to top it off, it had the lead in of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD which, while it maintains its own loyal viewers (of which I am one) has a very small and specialized group of people that enjoy it. Not to say that those viewers wouldn't be into Wicked City, however, the audience overlap might have been greater if the freshman show had played like a Sin City movie.

Instead it played like a common crime drama or worse, a "very special two-hour episode" of a crime drama that they tried dragging out into 10 to 13 episodes. Fare thee well, Wicked City. We hardly knew ye. In Memoriam.

Don't cry, Jeremy Sisto. You'll get another show... maybe. 

One other thing to mention here, I had planned to have all the posts of cancellations be titled In Memoriam followed by whatever psuedo-clever quip I could conjure, but due to the Paris attacks I didn't do that this time. However, in the future I will start them with those words. Also, I will keep a running In Memoriam post for all the shows canceled this season.

What do you think? Did you ever see or even hear about this show? If so, did you like it or should they have taken to the back woods and turned it into glue two episodes in? Let me know in the comments below (hint: click the no comments button if you see no comments).

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Until next time, "just for your moment of sanity, here's a video of a guy singing about Patti Labelle's Sweet Potato pies."

P.S. Is it really that good though? Well, I was gonna make my own family recipe of sweet potato pies for Thanksgiving, but now I might have to order me a #PattiePie.

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