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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

People Keep Askin' Me If I'm Back. Yeah, I'm Pretty Sure I'm Back #AgentsofSHIELD #Marvel #ABC

People Keep Askin' Me If I'm Back. Yeah, I'm Pretty Sure I'm Back #AgentsofSHIELD #Marvel #ABC

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Ladies! Ladies, don't fight. Oh, it was just a test? Well, OK then. Last night's Agents of SHIELD (#AgentsofSHIELD) started with a bang and the hits kept comin'.

The episode picked up where the episode from two weeks ago left off, with Mei's ex-husband played by Blair Underwood nearly dead from an attack ordered by Grant Ward. Not taking into account the phenomenal episode from last week which concentrated solely on the stranded Simmons' on the alien planet, Mei came back to SHIELD headquarters where her ex was being operated on after being left for dead in a corner store. He turned out fine, but Mei wasn't having any of it. Mess with her man and she has to hunt you down and kill you.

After a preliminary test of Mockingbird to see if she was field ready, the two embarked on a mission to the Cayman Islands, following the New Hydra money trail.

Meanwhile, Hunter felt so down on his luck about not only missing killing Ward but causing Mei's ex to nearly be killed that he joined a new mission to track one of the ATCU guys to see if he was the Sonic the Hedgehog Inhuman. This, only after Coulson benched him on the Ward pursuit. He, Daisy and Mac go on a mission where they procure the blood of the head ATCU guy. During that they also get a location from his phone.

And where did that location lead to but to the ATCU storage facility. For weeks Coulson has been asking to see HQ of this new organization and find out what they were doing with the Inhumans they find. As luck would have it, Daisy had a drone equipped with stealth tech so they didn't have to sneak inside. And what and who did they see?

As it turns out, they saw Coulson and the director. After distracting the man with a staged break-in at her place where she even offered him his favorite fast food burger, she took him to HQ at the same time that Daisy and the gang arrived outside. With no audio to listen to the conversation, Daisy overreacted like she always does and got anxious about his presence in what looked to her like an evil lab from a horror movie or that strange cargo warehouse from Indiana Jones.

She might have been proud to know that Coulson reacted in a similar but more subdued manner as the director told him each Inhuman they found was kept alive in a sedation plasma until they could be cured. Treating the Inhuman outbreak like a disease they are working toward a cure and consider the goo bath an induced coma until these people could be properly taken care of. A most interesting fact came when she revealed a budding crush on Coulson. Are the feelings reciprocated? Maybe. Coulson's getting a love interest since the woman from the first season still believes he's dead. Yay!

Back to the juicier story (don't worry, it ties back into the whole Daisy and ATCU thing), Mei and Mockingbird pursued their lead to the Caymans where they discovered something linking the Von Strucker kid back to Ward and to a secondary location where they could find him. For fans of the Marvel movies, the kid is the son of Baron Von Strucker from Avengers: Age Of Ultron. After being found out as posers in the bank vault safety deposit box room, Mockingbird didn't want to dive headfirst into combat, distracting with a long cover story until finally one of the guards prompted her and Mei to kick some serious butt.

After a quick pep talk from Mei about how she can't hesitate going forward and how she can do this, Mockingbird admitted that she had been keeping herself locked away in the lab for fear of getting into another situation concerning Ward. She was afraid to go back out into the field which is why she wholeheartedly obeyed Coulson's orders. Taking a bullet to the head will do that to you.

They manage to find the kid just as Ward's guys have him hanging from a pummeling strap. A fight ensues, and while Mei takes down one guy and talks to the kid, Mockingbird fights the other three men and the biggest one, defeating him through electrocution in a nice pool. Pools. I'll miss summer.


The biggest reveal happened at the very end when the kid told the story of what really happened when he went to kill Blair Underwood. With his dying breath, he tells Mei that Blair turned into something, a great big blue, Sonic the Hedgehog looking monster. The very same monster Daisy and the others had been looking for. The very same monster that had been killing other Inhumans with its own Inhuman powers. And who turned out to be this Inhuman killing machine but the trusted psych guy whose job it was to help Inhumans mentally adjust to the world and determine if they were ready for entry into the special team Daisy was trying to put together. The funny thing is that after seeing Blair Underwood in so many subpar indie films, I thought he was done playing the villain. At least here he gets to play a little bit of both and we know he's a good guy deep down. I hope he still gets to stay on the show longer as I like him on my TV and his stints on The Event and Ironside started OK, but turned out horrid.

...turns into this. 

What do you think? Did you watch last night's episode of Agents of SHIELD? Do you think it's good for Coulson to have a love interest? And what about this big twist? Did you see the doctor actually being the big new baddie on the block? I'm usually three steps ahead on these shows and even I didn't see that one. Let me know in the comments below (hint: click the no comments button if you see no comments).

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Until next time, what side are you on: Team Captain America or Team Iron Man?

P.S. Was anyone else expecting to have heard or seen a little teaser something by how about Captain America: Civil War? By this time last year they already had a teaser trailer out for Age of Ultron and the movie is only seven months away. It almost seems like they're letting DC steal their thunder with so much DC stuff streaming out. Hm? I'll think of a better sign-off next time.

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