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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Recipe: Philly Cheese Steak Soup


 All photo rights owned by Michael Stephenson
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen. This is the recipe you didn't ask for, but I'm giving it to you anyway. This makes for a great soup or stew for a small party. For any recipe I may post, remember that it can be altered in any way you wish and don't worry about if it looks similar to the picture or not. Enjoy your weekend everyone and make sure that if you try it, leave a comment below to tell me how it was for you, and always read through the entire recipe before making it or going to the store to gather ingredients. 
Makes 4-6 servings:

4 to 5 cups cold water

2 tsp black pepper to taste

2 tsp oregano

2 tsp basil

1 to 1½ pounds beef stew meat

1 large onion, diced

1 large green pepper, diced

5 tablespoons regular mustard

2 teaspoons minced garlic

2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

1 packet muenster cheese slices

1 bag sandwich rolls

1 tablespoon olive oil

4 Beef Bouillon cubes*

2½ cups mushrooms, diced

2-3 tablespoons corn starch

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

  1. Chop beef stew meat into feasible sizes. Whatever you think is best. Heat skillet at high temperature. Add olive oil and wait a minute before adding the beef stew meat. Brown on all sides until edges are hardened or crisped. Remove meat and add from crock-pot. Return skillet to the stove.
    1. Pro-tip: Cutting the meat can actually be easier if it is partially frozen. It will be more ridged and won’t catch on the blade of the knife as often. Thaw the meat for about 4 hours in the sink before cutting. Reverse the process of the meat is already thawed.
  2. Turn stove to medium-high. Add one cup of water along with beef bouillon cubes. If they are hard, smack lightly upon them with the side of a serving spoon. Scrape the bottom of the pan to remove leftover browned bits and stir beef bouillon cubes. Add mixture to crock-pot along with onions, green peppers and half of the mushrooms.
    1. *If you have beef broth available instead, substitute the cubes with the broth and subtract three cups of water from the recipe, replacing with broth.
  3. Mix Worcestershire sauce with mustard. Pour half of it into the crock-pot; reserve the remaining half. Add 3 cups of water (1 if you’ve used the beef broth). Add pepper, oregano and basil. Cook on low for 3-4 hours.
  4. Turn slow cooker to high. Stir one cup of water and corn starch into reserve mustard mix. Add mix, along with remaining mushrooms, two slices of muenster cheese and cheddar cheese and stir. Cook for additional 15 minutes.
    1. Pro-tip: How much water and corn starch you add really depends on how thick you want the soup to be and how good your corn starch is. For thicker soups add more corn starch. For thinner soup add less corn starch.
  5. In toaster or oven separate sandwich rolls, putting half a slice of cheese on either part. Toast until cheese bubbles. Turn off crock-pot and serve soup with bread on the side.
    1. Pro-tip: If you want, you can serve this as a sandwich by straining the meat and vegetables and serving the liquid of the soup on the side. You can also make it fancier by cutting the rolls into toast points after toasting.

As always people, every recipe is not perfect and should be adjusted to your taste buds. For an extra kick, I like to add a tablespoon of diced Jalapeno peppers. You can also feel free to add real steak instead of the stew meat which I use because it is cheaper and, as long as you mix the flavors right, can be delicious.

And finally, make sure that you come back for more entertaining recipes. As always, check for my books on Amazon. #BrandNewHome will debut in just one week! May 7th people. I will be doing a blog post about it shortly, so keep anticipating the new good read. Also, #Darker is coming in June, along with #TheWriter, both of which I will also be posting about before they arrive as The Writer will be something a little different and new for me.

Looking forward to your comments below and follow me on my other platforms at the bottom.

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Loki Sceptre/Staff Thingy, Bad-A## Simmons and 90s References Galore #AgentsofSHIELD

Loki Sceptre/Staff Thingy, Bad-A## Simmons and 90s References Galore #AgentsofSHIELD

Pictures courtesy of Marvel and ABC.

It’s the week of the Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere! Yes, many of you are drooling over that fact and are going crazy trying to fit in every possible movie, TV show and comic book tie-in you can before going to see it, refreshing yourself on those tiny factoids about each and every character so you can catch all of the easter eggs and act as if you knew all of these things from off the top of your head while talking to your friends about the movie. But before you entrench yourself in that #MarvelMovieMarathon (as an aside, if you need something to eat, check out my Philly Cheese Steak Soup recipe tonight; next post) we still have one episode of #AgentsofSHIELD to talk about.

So, the last episode before the movie saw the old band getting back togther. We had Fitz on the background vocals, May coolly playing the drums, Simmons on keys, Ward—yes, Ward!--on the base and Coulson on the lead vocal. Oh, and Daisy Skye Daisy playing the tambourine. Don’t laugh at her, she’s really good at shaking that tambourine. How did they get together? Well...
It all started with Coulson turning himself into “the real shield” because there is an important mission for them to complete that involves rescuing deathlok and the guy that has been flirting with Skye from the inhumans hideaway. Edward James Almos plays his part well here but what is most interesting is the little throwaway comment that Coulson makes about the thing in Almos’ SHIELD ship. Secrets abound as Almos nearly blushes at the mention of it which makes me wonder if they’ll ever explore it, and what exactly is it.

Meanwhile, Daisy/Skye knows that she has to go and at least rescue the guy who her mother sent to follow her and was captured with Deathlok. She is only allowed to reconnect with her SHIELD buddies when porcupine—I mean, Raina has a vision of it. She, just like I did, correctly identified who Raina was. No, she’s not Tigra or that chick from the comics with the yellow jumpsuit. She’s clearly Sonic the Hedgehog and she’s been all pissed not because she hates what she has become, but because no one will give her a chili dog and no matter how many times she tucks herself and presses down and the B button, she can’t go fast enough to beat her all-time record (#MillenialsGetIt). As if that wasn’t the best 90s reference, the writers had to fit in a Candyman reference because, you know... pop culture!

While working through it all, Fitz and Simmons have a conversation that starts with him thanking her for sandwiches because while nearly drowning may have messed with Fitz’s head, it didn’t mess with his heart. Simmons changes the subject to more ruthless weapons to be used on Ward partly because she wants to kill him and partly because I suspect she still has the fever (don’t act like I’m the only one who saw her in season one drooling over Deathlok before he was Deathlok and making googly eyes at Trip. Side note: Ms. Henstridge is unbelievably charming to me. I might have a thing for her). She is quick to volunteer for the in-field work so she can work on Deathlok when they find him. But she also uses this time to try killing Ward as she promised, instead disintegrating Bakshi.
Meme courtesy of this Tumblr Page.
The best part of the show came when Daisy was finally allowed to kickbutt in a continuous shot that looked like a steadicam/video game send up (go @ChloeBennet4!). She not only proved that she is becoming a more and more important part of the team but that she is learning how to use her powers at a remarkable rate. I really hope she’s in the Inhumans movie.

After all of that, it is revealed that the team went to procure intel on the location of the sceptre that Loki was poking everyone with in the first Avengers film. Viewers of the last Captain America already know that it is in the care of Baron Von Strucker. This leads Coulson to have a conversation with Maria Hill and send fanboys and fangirls squealing with anticipation as he tells her that they need to reactivate the Avengers and have them go get the sceptre which people assume is the opening scene of Age of Ultron.

What did you think of the episode? Did you like it as a lead-up to the Avengers or would you like to have had a deeper connection with the film like the show did with Captain America? Are you excited for what the Marvel television and cinematic universe has in-store for the coming months? Let me know in the comments’ section.

As always, I look forward to reading your comments below. Follow me here and on Twitter. Join me on Goodreads in the group Books Similar To Breaking Bad, Scandal and other Popular TV Shows and check out my books on Amazon. #BrandNewHome is coming May 7th. #Darker is coming in June and so is #TheWriter. Also, look for the short story #ThePowerOfTen or check out the books I already have up there.

Until then, “No Doc, I’m back. I’m back from the future.”

P.S. Doc Brown? Yeah that came from Back to the Future when Calvin Klein said it after burning literal rubber. Part deux! As we’ve all known for years, the sequel is always better, right? Right? Amazon
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What if Spider-man is playing the New kid on the block?

What if Spider-man is playing the New kid on the block?

Taken from the twitter feed of Umberto Gonzalez

Happy National Superhero Day! I know it is a little late but I just got done watching Marvel’s Agents of Shield on my DVR and I wanted to sneak in a post about the future of Marvel, specifically concerning our favorite webslinger. With the news about Spider-man returning to the Marvel film stable or at least joining the cinematic universe in some capacity now long in the past, comic book and comic book film fans alike have been going bonkers with possibilities of what that means and how it could impact all the films going forward, specifically with Spider-man playing a large role in the civil war plot. But what does this mean for the Black Panther’s role in #CaptainAmericaCivilWar and how will it change, if at all. I put forth the theory that Spider-man will actually be playing a much different part than fans might expect, mainly subbing in for the New Warriors.

I apologize if this theory has previously been put forth as I can't keep up with every single article out there. Hear me out here, I know and understand that in Marvel’s universe Spider-man is supposed to have been established already. In other words, no origin story; however, the producers apparently still want to have him be young enough to be in high school. This has been reported on numerous times by one of my favorite news sources (if you like comic book movies but don’t frequent that site, are you sure you like comic book movies?)

Let’s first start with the new possible, maybe, could be but might not be, rumored title for the film that was dropped via Instagram by Mr. @elmayimbe himself Umberto Gonzalez (if you didn’t know, he just recently left Spider-Man: The New Avenger. Most of us have just assumed that there is no deeper meaning to the title and some have even said that it hints at Captain America dying (check’s Josh Wilding’s recent Spider-man article’s comment section for those theories). But what if there is a hint even within the title about the role played by the masked Peter?

Let’s assume that they’ll not change the history laid down by The Avengers and that New York was destroyed before Parker was bitten. Let’s also assume that it really has been three or four—by the time #CaptainAmericaCivilWar—years since then. This gives Parker enough time to get the powers, have the “responsibility” talk with Uncle Ben (side note: would it be racist if he was an old black guy that cooked rice? Uncle Ben and Aunt May could be an interracial couple and that have no affect on Peter’s identity. Just a thought) and even have Gwen Stacy die and have to take a break from being that Spider guy. This also gives him enough time to have been around but not in a big enough way to alert Shield, the other Avengers or the brewing Defenders. In other words, he hasn’t had some huge villain outing just yet like in the Amazing Spider-man films or in the last two Raimi films. Whatever villain he faced was small and easily contained or he’s only had one villain battle, spending most of his time honing his skills on street-level thugs and villains.


But now, as Ultron gets defeated new powers and villains emerge all across the world and somebody like Green Goblin emerges to truly challenge him in a way he never had before. With some of his overly powered pumpkin bombs, he accidentally (or purposefully) blows up Peter’s high school killing the children just like in the original story. Hold on! You don’t know the original story do you? That’s OK, because I actually didn’t know the original story either because I had never actually read the comics (gasp!). Thankfully, a quick search on youtube led me to Comicstorian Civil War – The Complete Story which is a brief overview of what happens. If you want a more detailed overview, visit comicsexplained youtube channel where he goes into great depth about nearly every panel in the Civil War storyline. Back to the theory.

To play into today’s youths’ obsession with fame, Peter maybe dabbled with it (under the guise of Spider-man) before the Uncle Ben talk and had some cameras following him around as did the New Warriors in the comic. But when the Green Goblin attack happens everything changes. Now everyone is mad at Spider-man and wants his identity revealed, which is why he would feel compelled to reveal his identity... because of the responsibility he bears to his fellow classmates. This, in turn, could put even more enmity between Peter and Harry and put an extra layer of tension into his future relationship with Mary Jane.

With this theory, they could have both Peter and Black Panther seemingly at the middle of the controversy and switching sides because the people are highly divided by Spider-man’s actions who tried doing the right thing and had been doing so for a few years, but didn’t succeed. But if he had, then he could be counted as a true hero like the Avengers after their New York scuffle.

It’s just a theory but it seems like it could fit well, though they could use a new group of heroes on #Marvel’s Agents of Shield or even better the Defenders and have them responsible for the attack. Tell me if you think the theory of #Spider-manIsTheNewWarrior is plausible. Let me know in the comments section.

#Marvel’sAgentsOfShield comes on Tuesdays 9/8c on ABC.

#Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters May 1, 2015 in the USA. Wow! That is this Friday with early midnight showing on Thursday. Is anybody else tinkling in their pants with excitement? I am... not because that would be very embarrassing.

#CaptainAmericaCivil War is slated to premiere May 6, 2016 in the USA.

You can visit and subscribe to Comicstorian here:

You can visit and subscribe to Comics Explained here:

You can follow and tweet at Umberto Gonzalez here:

You should definitely followe Josh Wilding here:

And finally, you can and should be visiting

That was a lot of additions. Seeing as how this is a huge entertainment weekend with the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs, tons of you doing your own Marvel movie marathons or plenty of you sittind down for a weekend of good reading, I would love it if you came back and looked for my first food recipe for Philly Cheese Steak Soup on Thursday. It’s a delicious soup. You’re gonna wanna make it. So... yeah.

As always, I look forward to reading your comments below. Follow me here and on Twitter. Join me on Goodreads in the group Books Similar To Breaking Bad, Scandal and other Popular TV Shows where you can talk about books similar to popular shows (and the shows in question, and check out my books currently on Amazon. #BrandNewHome is coming May 7th. #Darker is coming in June and so is #TheWriter. You will not want to miss The Writer. Also, look for the short story #ThePowerOfTen.

And to try this sign off thing once more, beware the Ides of March

P.S. Shakespeare’s ghost has been haunting me forever. I don’t even think he likes comic books. He also doesn’t know that about to be May not March. He just shows up whenever he feels like it, that poetic son of a gun.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Murder She Wrote, Murder She Did #SecretsAndLies

Murder She Wrote, Murder She Did #SecretsAndLies

All pictures courtesy of ABC at

Last night on ABC’s Secrets and Lies starring Ryan Phillippe, we sorta found out where his wife Christy got all the money—her brother... supposedly. She was also revealed to be talking/dating/just friends/hooking up/are they or aren’t they/any other way you can think of to explain just how complicated their relationship is seeing as how she is technically still married to Ben. That drama was nowhere near as titillating as the other developments in the plot.

For the first time since the show began, we finally saw Detective Cornell (played by Juliette Lewis; loved her in The Other Sister) change her hypothesis on who she thought the killer was. After a re-examination of the crime scene in the forest, and gathering of additional previously missed evidence, she has determined that Ben is not the killer AND that the killer is actually female. I say female because of the theory I’ve had this entire season. More on that later.

Naturally, like most every person in the world who has their mind set on something being true and factual only to realize later that it wasn’t, she ran to him to tell him how innocent she thought he was and—gotcha! She Detective Cornell didn’t apologize or anything but went along with the investigation.

Meanwhile, with his wife gone and already starting the horrific ping-pong divorce battle involving the kids (a reminder that my book #ANegotiationOfWounds is out now and its sequel, #ANegotiationOfSorrows is coming out later this year), Ben turns to Jess (Tom the dead kid’s mother) for comfort. Or rather she turns to him and he is too stupid not to realize exactly what she’s doing. It only gets worse when she wedges her way into a father-daughter trip to see the fireworks and carnival festivities that Ben attends with his youngest daughter Abby. He can’t take a hint nearly the entire night that Abby doesn’t want the woman her father cheated on her mother with and had a illegitimate son with to be there, so naturally Ben and Jess have sex as he tries to apologize for his daughter’s behavior.

And that’s when it took a Glenn Closian turn. It started with her wanting to make breakfast. It always starts with someone wanting to make breakfast. The first rule of a “booty call” or lack-in-judgment hook-up is not to allow them to make you breakfast. Even mentioning a sit-down breakfast is foul. They’re supposed to throw you an egg and bacon hot pocket and get on with the day. But no, Jess knows none of these fictional rules I made up.

As Jess happily jumps into the shower, Ben not only identifies a jacket in a picture of hers as the bloody blue one he found in the forest once, he finds a drawer full of unopened medications and a tiny urn for a deceased baby, one she had long before Tom. I know, #DamnSheCrazy! She threw a few things at him as he escaped the house and from then on got even stranger with her actions when it turned out that Abby had gone missing. Apparently it was all a big misunderstanding and Ben was wrong as usual when he assumed she had killed her own son... maybe. The first baby died from SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome that sent her into a tailspin with her already aggravated Bi-polarity. When she took the pills they mellowed her out but they did too good of a job at it, making her believe she no longer needed them. Explanations galore! Still doesn’t explain the breakfast thing but I’ll let it slide.

The twist came at the end of the episode as always which leads me into my theory. Detective Cornell, after re-testing the splatter pattern for Tom’s death concluded that she did it. She was also following Ben, Jess and Abby through the carnival/fair thingy and watching how they interacted. Now, I’ve had three suspects from jump street. I thought it was Jess, the black lady married to the angry military guy, or Abby. That’s right, I thought it was Ben’s youngest daughter. Why? Because there was always something strange that stuck out to me about how she acted. She seemed both too nonchalant about discovering she had a little brother and overly emotional. For some reason, I suspect that she overheard her parents fighting about Ben’s cheating and might have put two and two together to realize that was her brother. Why would she want to kill him? Maybe to make Jess leave the neighborhood and keep her parents together or because she didn’t want attention pulled from her because she is technically still the baby or she was just jealous because of the attention her father was increasingly paying to the young boy. In any case, I think #AbbyDidIt.

What do you think readers and viewers. Do you agree with me that the little girl might have done it? Do you think Jess did it? If not either of them, who? Has #SecretsAndLies held your attention with its mystery or are you pretty over it? Let me know in the comments’ section.

As always, I look forward to reading your comments below. Follow me here and on Twitter. Join me on Goodreads in the group Books Similar To Breaking Bad, Scandal and other Popular TV Shows where you can talk about this show or books similar to the show, and checkout my books on Amazon. #BrandNewHome is coming May 7th. #Darker is coming in June and so is #TheWriter. Also, look for the short story #ThePowerOfTen or check ou the books I already have up there.

Looking forward to the summer and writing and whatnot. Until then, with a Rebel Yell, she cried, “more! More! More!”

P.S. OK, yes, I was kinda thinking of Billy Idol and the crazy and intoxicating rock and roll of the 80s. It’s not a crime to like that music. Sometimes you wanna take a trip into the jungle to eat some sweet cherry pie and chill out with a rock lobster. Rock lobsters are very cool people, which is really hard for them to be because they’re not even actual people. They’re lobsters. I’ll keep working on the sign-off thing.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Destined To Be Bad To The Bone #OnceUponATime

Destined To Be Bad To The Bone #OnceUponATime

All Pictures courtesy ABC at

I just got done watching this week’s #OnceUponATime that was all about Lily. Lily? Lily who? Lilith or Lillith (haven’t checked the spelling for that) was apparently the long-lost daughter of Maleficent. Just a few weeks ago, it was revealed that Maleficent’s egg—er... daughter was sent to our world because she was destined to be evil. And like all things evil she was doomed to the land of many lakes, Minnesota (there goes my fanbase in Minnesota). So, what then happened when Emma the savior and Regina the reformed Evil Queen got their Thelma and Louise on to go find her? Flashbacks galore and a gun to the face.

After last week’s turn to the dark side where Emma killed Cruella Dev Il, she felt that she needed to clear her conscience of the horror of betraying her savior complex. Good isn’t supposed to kill (somebody tell the Man of Steel that) to defeat evil. And after learning that her half-sister the wicked witch of the west was actually posing as maid Marian (surprise! The black chick has actually been an evil white/green woman the whole time) and had Robin Hood at her side, Regina thought it only right to finally leave Storybrooke and venture out to New York to save him (#OnHerTammyWynette #StandingByHerMan). And since Emma was the one who had been to the Big Apple before, she took advantage of having a personal guide to the city.

Their first stop was to find Lily, who Emma discovered she actually knew growing up. Lily was a girl that she met in her youth—and earlier in the season I think—who stole and did bad things. Being Maleficent’s daughter, she was destined for evil... literally. Emma credited her through a series of flashbacks for ruining her chance to grow up with a good family.

After being led to believe she was dead, they found Lily living under an assumed name and working at a diner with no family or life to really speak of. But everything turned totes-ma-goats crazy when Regina and Emma went to Lily’s house and discovered that she knew all about Storybrooke, her mother Maleficent, and Snow White and Prince Charming. What was most interesting was how she found this stuff out. The sorcerer’s apprentice told her these things. The question is why (#WhatsTheSorcererDoing).

This led to a confrontation after a brief car chase where Emma threatened to shoot Lily and kill her because the girl wanted revenge (I almost thought Amanda Clark was going to pop out from somewhere). Of all the voices of reason, Regina was the one to talk Emma off the ledge.

They made their few apologies and understood each other before going to New York and confronting the wicked witch and Robin Hood.

Outside of the main story and the cutesy little winks to the audience concerning the costuming of the characters (I see what you did there OUAT; blonde Maleficent gives birth to a brunette and Brunette/Black-haired Snow White is the mother of the benevolent blonde), there was a small side story with Belle and Mr. Gold where he gave her her heart back that Regina had taken and she had some strong feelings coming back concerning him.

The biggest and best twist was when Regina and Emma got to Robin Hood’s place and outed Selena. Instead of leaving with them, Robin couldn’t make a decision because she is carrying his baby. I know, mind blown! This leaves us with a bevy of questions, the most important one being #WhatColorWillTheBabyBe?

So, what do you think readers and viewers out there? Did you like the episode? What powers do you think Lily will have? Do you think she’ll be able to shape-shift like her mother? Will she continue to be destined for evil? What the heck is the Sorcerer’s apprentice doing? Is the Wicked Witch’s child going to be a pale olive green. As always, I look forward to reading your comments below. Follow me here and on Twitter. Join me on Goodreads in the Group Books Similar To Breaking Bad, Scandal and other Popular Shows where you can talk about his show or books similar to the show, and checkout my books on Amazon. #BrandNewHome is coming May 7th. #Darker is coming in June and so is #TheWriter. Also, look for the short story #ThePowerOfTen.

Looking forward to the summer and writing and whatnot. Until then, You invented facebook? No, I invented facebook.

P.S. Ok, that was from The Social Network. I know I am very off on that and it’s probably not even a direct quote, but that’s only because I definitely feel like I invented Facebook...which I don’t even use. Well all of this is just silliness, isn’t it? I’ll get that sign-off thing sooner or later, promise.
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Introduction Post 2: The Sequel

Introduction Post 2: The Sequel

This one will be a lot shorter and won’t explain anything about anything but is needed. Anyways, for the last year or so, literally around March of 2014—and that’s how you use the word literally. Two claps for me—I fell ill. While I won’t divulge the illness, I will say that physically I had plenty of so-so days (none not pain-killer-addled, unfortunately) but mentally I was not with the program. I maintained a walking regimen everyday to help keep me as healthy as I could be but with other ailments stacking up, I really couldn’t do much writing or reading at all.

Since I wasn’t able to do much, some of the projects I had been working on suffered grossly. Essentially everything got pushed way back and a ton of editing wasn’t finished on time. Thankfully, I think I’ve gotten through it and have recently tried getting on track with everything. That includes my own writing, starting this blog which I meant to do a while ago, getting back to moderate my Goodreads group (please, join us; click the link to the side), and catching up with my emails and such. Anyways, if you missed me or want to know why I suddenly stopped things, there you go. Ya gets no more informations and what-nots from me’s, ya hear?

I am planning a heck of a spring, summer and autumn slate of work and projects for you all. I don’t want to jinx myself, but some of them are:
Brand New Home,
The Power of Ten,
A Negotiation of Sorrows,

an as yet untitled YA Novel,
Yep, I’m Totally Stalking My Ex-Boyfriend,
the epic novel of romance and heartbreak Unrequited
and finally my first episodic novel series The Writer. Look for all of those projects coming soon and check for updates both here and possibly on my Goodreads group about any changes in the schedule or slate of reads I have planned. The first up will be Brand New Home and The Power of Ten to be released sometime near the middle of May. I would alert you to the exact date in a later post.

Keep in mind it is a lot of work and I am hoping to get other stuff done in my personal life as well, but I want to make sure that you all have something to read for the rest of 2015, while still keeping up with what you and I watch and cook together. You can keep up by following me on Twitter, following my blog here, or joining my goodreads group. We’d love to have youSo join me on this whole... you know, adventure thingy!

OK, I’m gonna try this signoff thing again. Stay tuned for some new posts, until then Yabba Dabba Doo!

P.S. That’s my fault. That one’s The Flintstones. That one is definitely the Flintstones. I’ll come up with one.

P.P.S. Some of the posts will be a few weeks behind until I get caught up. But if you like those shows and haven’t talked about them enough, feel free to leave your comments, tweet, and whatever else you like doing.
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