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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What if Spider-man is playing the New kid on the block?

What if Spider-man is playing the New kid on the block?

Taken from the twitter feed of Umberto Gonzalez

Happy National Superhero Day! I know it is a little late but I just got done watching Marvel’s Agents of Shield on my DVR and I wanted to sneak in a post about the future of Marvel, specifically concerning our favorite webslinger. With the news about Spider-man returning to the Marvel film stable or at least joining the cinematic universe in some capacity now long in the past, comic book and comic book film fans alike have been going bonkers with possibilities of what that means and how it could impact all the films going forward, specifically with Spider-man playing a large role in the civil war plot. But what does this mean for the Black Panther’s role in #CaptainAmericaCivilWar and how will it change, if at all. I put forth the theory that Spider-man will actually be playing a much different part than fans might expect, mainly subbing in for the New Warriors.

I apologize if this theory has previously been put forth as I can't keep up with every single article out there. Hear me out here, I know and understand that in Marvel’s universe Spider-man is supposed to have been established already. In other words, no origin story; however, the producers apparently still want to have him be young enough to be in high school. This has been reported on numerous times by one of my favorite news sources (if you like comic book movies but don’t frequent that site, are you sure you like comic book movies?)

Let’s first start with the new possible, maybe, could be but might not be, rumored title for the film that was dropped via Instagram by Mr. @elmayimbe himself Umberto Gonzalez (if you didn’t know, he just recently left Spider-Man: The New Avenger. Most of us have just assumed that there is no deeper meaning to the title and some have even said that it hints at Captain America dying (check’s Josh Wilding’s recent Spider-man article’s comment section for those theories). But what if there is a hint even within the title about the role played by the masked Peter?

Let’s assume that they’ll not change the history laid down by The Avengers and that New York was destroyed before Parker was bitten. Let’s also assume that it really has been three or four—by the time #CaptainAmericaCivilWar—years since then. This gives Parker enough time to get the powers, have the “responsibility” talk with Uncle Ben (side note: would it be racist if he was an old black guy that cooked rice? Uncle Ben and Aunt May could be an interracial couple and that have no affect on Peter’s identity. Just a thought) and even have Gwen Stacy die and have to take a break from being that Spider guy. This also gives him enough time to have been around but not in a big enough way to alert Shield, the other Avengers or the brewing Defenders. In other words, he hasn’t had some huge villain outing just yet like in the Amazing Spider-man films or in the last two Raimi films. Whatever villain he faced was small and easily contained or he’s only had one villain battle, spending most of his time honing his skills on street-level thugs and villains.


But now, as Ultron gets defeated new powers and villains emerge all across the world and somebody like Green Goblin emerges to truly challenge him in a way he never had before. With some of his overly powered pumpkin bombs, he accidentally (or purposefully) blows up Peter’s high school killing the children just like in the original story. Hold on! You don’t know the original story do you? That’s OK, because I actually didn’t know the original story either because I had never actually read the comics (gasp!). Thankfully, a quick search on youtube led me to Comicstorian Civil War – The Complete Story which is a brief overview of what happens. If you want a more detailed overview, visit comicsexplained youtube channel where he goes into great depth about nearly every panel in the Civil War storyline. Back to the theory.

To play into today’s youths’ obsession with fame, Peter maybe dabbled with it (under the guise of Spider-man) before the Uncle Ben talk and had some cameras following him around as did the New Warriors in the comic. But when the Green Goblin attack happens everything changes. Now everyone is mad at Spider-man and wants his identity revealed, which is why he would feel compelled to reveal his identity... because of the responsibility he bears to his fellow classmates. This, in turn, could put even more enmity between Peter and Harry and put an extra layer of tension into his future relationship with Mary Jane.

With this theory, they could have both Peter and Black Panther seemingly at the middle of the controversy and switching sides because the people are highly divided by Spider-man’s actions who tried doing the right thing and had been doing so for a few years, but didn’t succeed. But if he had, then he could be counted as a true hero like the Avengers after their New York scuffle.

It’s just a theory but it seems like it could fit well, though they could use a new group of heroes on #Marvel’s Agents of Shield or even better the Defenders and have them responsible for the attack. Tell me if you think the theory of #Spider-manIsTheNewWarrior is plausible. Let me know in the comments section.

#Marvel’sAgentsOfShield comes on Tuesdays 9/8c on ABC.

#Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters May 1, 2015 in the USA. Wow! That is this Friday with early midnight showing on Thursday. Is anybody else tinkling in their pants with excitement? I am... not because that would be very embarrassing.

#CaptainAmericaCivil War is slated to premiere May 6, 2016 in the USA.

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That was a lot of additions. Seeing as how this is a huge entertainment weekend with the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs, tons of you doing your own Marvel movie marathons or plenty of you sittind down for a weekend of good reading, I would love it if you came back and looked for my first food recipe for Philly Cheese Steak Soup on Thursday. It’s a delicious soup. You’re gonna wanna make it. So... yeah.

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And to try this sign off thing once more, beware the Ides of March

P.S. Shakespeare’s ghost has been haunting me forever. I don’t even think he likes comic books. He also doesn’t know that about to be May not March. He just shows up whenever he feels like it, that poetic son of a gun.

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