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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Destined To Be Bad To The Bone #OnceUponATime

Destined To Be Bad To The Bone #OnceUponATime

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I just got done watching this week’s #OnceUponATime that was all about Lily. Lily? Lily who? Lilith or Lillith (haven’t checked the spelling for that) was apparently the long-lost daughter of Maleficent. Just a few weeks ago, it was revealed that Maleficent’s egg—er... daughter was sent to our world because she was destined to be evil. And like all things evil she was doomed to the land of many lakes, Minnesota (there goes my fanbase in Minnesota). So, what then happened when Emma the savior and Regina the reformed Evil Queen got their Thelma and Louise on to go find her? Flashbacks galore and a gun to the face.

After last week’s turn to the dark side where Emma killed Cruella Dev Il, she felt that she needed to clear her conscience of the horror of betraying her savior complex. Good isn’t supposed to kill (somebody tell the Man of Steel that) to defeat evil. And after learning that her half-sister the wicked witch of the west was actually posing as maid Marian (surprise! The black chick has actually been an evil white/green woman the whole time) and had Robin Hood at her side, Regina thought it only right to finally leave Storybrooke and venture out to New York to save him (#OnHerTammyWynette #StandingByHerMan). And since Emma was the one who had been to the Big Apple before, she took advantage of having a personal guide to the city.

Their first stop was to find Lily, who Emma discovered she actually knew growing up. Lily was a girl that she met in her youth—and earlier in the season I think—who stole and did bad things. Being Maleficent’s daughter, she was destined for evil... literally. Emma credited her through a series of flashbacks for ruining her chance to grow up with a good family.

After being led to believe she was dead, they found Lily living under an assumed name and working at a diner with no family or life to really speak of. But everything turned totes-ma-goats crazy when Regina and Emma went to Lily’s house and discovered that she knew all about Storybrooke, her mother Maleficent, and Snow White and Prince Charming. What was most interesting was how she found this stuff out. The sorcerer’s apprentice told her these things. The question is why (#WhatsTheSorcererDoing).

This led to a confrontation after a brief car chase where Emma threatened to shoot Lily and kill her because the girl wanted revenge (I almost thought Amanda Clark was going to pop out from somewhere). Of all the voices of reason, Regina was the one to talk Emma off the ledge.

They made their few apologies and understood each other before going to New York and confronting the wicked witch and Robin Hood.

Outside of the main story and the cutesy little winks to the audience concerning the costuming of the characters (I see what you did there OUAT; blonde Maleficent gives birth to a brunette and Brunette/Black-haired Snow White is the mother of the benevolent blonde), there was a small side story with Belle and Mr. Gold where he gave her her heart back that Regina had taken and she had some strong feelings coming back concerning him.

The biggest and best twist was when Regina and Emma got to Robin Hood’s place and outed Selena. Instead of leaving with them, Robin couldn’t make a decision because she is carrying his baby. I know, mind blown! This leaves us with a bevy of questions, the most important one being #WhatColorWillTheBabyBe?

So, what do you think readers and viewers out there? Did you like the episode? What powers do you think Lily will have? Do you think she’ll be able to shape-shift like her mother? Will she continue to be destined for evil? What the heck is the Sorcerer’s apprentice doing? Is the Wicked Witch’s child going to be a pale olive green. As always, I look forward to reading your comments below. Follow me here and on Twitter. Join me on Goodreads in the Group Books Similar To Breaking Bad, Scandal and other Popular Shows where you can talk about his show or books similar to the show, and checkout my books on Amazon. #BrandNewHome is coming May 7th. #Darker is coming in June and so is #TheWriter. Also, look for the short story #ThePowerOfTen.

Looking forward to the summer and writing and whatnot. Until then, You invented facebook? No, I invented facebook.

P.S. Ok, that was from The Social Network. I know I am very off on that and it’s probably not even a direct quote, but that’s only because I definitely feel like I invented Facebook...which I don’t even use. Well all of this is just silliness, isn’t it? I’ll get that sign-off thing sooner or later, promise.
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