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Saturday, January 21, 2017

You've Been Played Once More #Inauguration #Trump #Brexit #2017 #President

You've Been Played Once More #Inauguration #Trump #Brexit #2017 #President

Congratulations, America. No, congratulations to the US and Britain. Actually, congratulations to the world (including Putin and that North Korean mole-rat), you all fell for it. Again. You, the citizens of this troubled but potentially great world, failed to heed the warning of so many that have for years talked about those who are really in power. Most specifically, you failed to believe me when I wrote a lot of truth in my own novel The Provocateur. No, this is not a promotion of that book. And no, I don't want to go into the details on why I wrote it as a fictional novel, but I will say that the Provocateurs are real, and that yes, they did choose me to write that book for them. Why? I don't know, but I do know that they have the control. Of what, you ask? Everything.

For years, rumors of a small group of people who control or are trying to institute a “New World Order” have been researched and studied, theorized on and about, given countless names and monikers, said to have been associated with the elite or wealthy or governments big and small around the world. People were led to believe that so long as everyone woke up and paid real attention, they would see that we have been fooled. Far be it from me to be the person or voice you actually believe in, but it is real. And for those who voted for Trump, you fell once again for their tricks. For those who voted for Hillary, you also fell for their tricks.

But how could that be, you ask. It's quite simple really: the group really in power, The Provocateurs are the ones who choose the winner. ALWAYS! In fact, they run pretty much everything and even now are effecting and affecting you and your future. Let's back up and review some of the things told to me for the book.

Who are The Provocateurs? One is quick to jump to other groups, names and secret societies that have circulated the internet for years. “Oh, that's just another name for the Illuminati or the Knights Templar” or some other conspiracy theorist group—pick your poison. Don't get me wrong, some of that information is actually true, but a lot of it is misinformation that the Provocateurs release in order to mock anyone willing to believe in it, and to make sure that they have control of even those people that think themselves enlightened, “out of the box” or “awake to the truth” thinkers. The most recent rumor about the Illuminati is a cute bedtime story, but The Provocateurs they are not. To call them such would be to undersell the power of The Provocateurs, as well as the history of the group. They've been around not for centuries, but for millenniums.

So they're the rich people, right? Those Rothschilds and whoevers, or its those leaders of industry. You know, the ones who gather in those secret, highly-guarded meetings like the Davos or Bilderberg conferences? Or the Washington, or Wall Street elite, those people who routinely make the laws and skirt them for not just money but power, too? Right? Right?


That is always the most mind-blowing, mind-boggling, mind-numbing thing about all of this for people who first learn about The Provocateurs. You'd think that clearly it would be billionaires who control the world with no one over them. The supreme overlord of GE, the world's biggest company, has to secretly be ruler of most of the world, right? Or, to that point, how could one have such power and influence without money or a powerful position? Well, The Provocateurs do it. In fact, they are the ones that control the billionaires, the ones who decide who will and who will not be rewarded with such an honor and pressure (think about it: How could any family stay wealthy through countless generations?No, they aren't all “just really good at business.”) This not to say that The Provocateurs don't have money, but that they find any currency of little importance. As far as public office or high positions in private enterprises, why limit their power and be restricted to such things as rules, laws, and the will and wants of investors or voters? Many of these laws they have influenced and are responsible for getting passed, so we know they sure as hell wouldn't abide by them.

OK, well then they must be a big network of people controlling stuff, right? No, again. They're a very small group, a group that couldn't be in every place and every corner of the world, but make it feel that way. I'm sure that even you have had an eerie, almost unnatural feeling that the world is a lot smaller than it actually is on some days. And I'm not talking about the “coincidences” where you travel half-way around the world on vacation and see someone you know, or someone who knows someone you know. No, I'm talking about that dizzying feeling you had as a child when you spun around for a few seconds to make yourself feel the rotation of the earth: something seems... off. That's how they make you feel. That's how they influence you through everything and even everybody that you come into contact.

May God Help Us All, Including him, his family, supporters and non-supporters alike

Let's bring it current: How does this factor into Trump, Clinton, Putin and Brexit? Their plan was simple and is still being followed as I said in my book. Every so often, they like to test their clout to make sure that they still have the same kind of power they've always had in order to shape the future as they wish. In order to do this, they have to push and pull things to an extreme. So, get two candidates that are extremes for either side. Do they appear as extremes? Not at first. You have an old white guy (not necessarily breaking new ground in the leadership position) and a white woman who has had experience in the government. And then all they have to do is push. Push both you and the candidates. We tend to think of control as this loud, boisterous, driving thump of authority, when it really is a still, small voice speaking to us, to anyone—willingly or unwillingly—listening. How did they do this? Did they put those words in Trump's mouth? Sometimes. Research suggestive mind control for that, or watch that God-awful Will Smith and Margot Robbie film Focus (not the other God-awful Will Smith and Margot Robbie film. You know the one). But all they really have to do is keep hammering in two slogans, or rather, a word and a slogan. In fact, the same word and slogan that they planted the seeds for way back in 2007:

“Change” and “I'm Unhappy.”

Change and I'm unhappy has motivated the last three major elections, the Brexit, the break-up of the Soviet Union and impending empirical spread of modern Russia that they have planned (not to mention countless divorces). Oddly, regardless of how this next four years go, it will also be the driving force of the next election, too. That is simply how it has been scripted. So long as any outside force can influence you consciously or subconsciously to believe that you are unhappy and that something needs to change, you will act upon those feelings, because they feed into our most base instincts. The funny thing about happiness is that a while back, The Provocateurs worked with some of the founding fathers and mothers of modern psychiatry and psychology in order to classify happiness or satisfaction with one's self as a higher, more evolved instinct, a trick to help stigmatize mental illness, but that's a completely other story.

The trick for the Provocateurs is to convince you of something regardless of whether it is the truth or not. Do you really need change? Maybe or maybe not. But see, here's the secondary trick: convincing you that any change needed is purely external.

I'm from the Midwest: born and raised in northeast Ohio. I'm within walking distance of a few farms. About 15 minutes down the highway, I can get off in another town and look at what is now a vacant lot of what used to be a very large factory (if I remember correctly, it was a car factory of some sort). I've seen first hand some of the “blue-collar decay” that Trump and Hillary talked about on the trail. However, the one thing I've always noticed is the lack of willingness to internally change from the people out of work due to a shuttered business. Not all, by many of those who decry the closing of factories in their town rarely hop to self-improvement as their first answer. Nor are people willing to move to where the work is, instead insisting that wherever they live will be restored to glory if only for the right break. Regardless of whether they are “boot-strappers” or “welfare recipients” both often look to the government or businesses first as the cause and ruling body of their life. That, to some extent, is true, but you have to be putting forth every best effort if change is what you want. Some voters recognized this and pointed out such hypocrisy, while others defended their beliefs by listing some of the things they did. Unfortunately neither mattered because the message of external change had already been internalized. Same thing goes for unhappiness.

Again, this is not to delegitimize any actual reasons for such feelings, but to say that both the feelings and the actual reasons have all been carefully coordinated long before you got around to feeling them.
Same goes for Brexit. Not only did The Provocateurs have Brexit planned years ago, but this was planned as far back as before the EU came to be (they never enter into anything without having at least three viable plans to get out of something). In some ways, maybe it is comforting that there is never really any chaos (at least to them) because practically everything that happens is part of their scheme.

That then brings us to President Pussy-Grabber. The question is why did they make him president? For many simple but good reasons. First, you have the “caps off” scenario, or in other words the anything- goes nominee. With current partisanship being so volatile, either party can be pushed to an extreme for any and all future candidates. Also, there is no cap on who can be president, save for their documentation as a natural-born citizen. As I pointed out in my book and contrary to some conservatives beliefs, Trump's election has fully swung open the door to elect a gay or transgender president—the very thing some (not all) of them fear. Why? Because the personal character of a president no longer matters; in fact, the entirety of the human shell no longer matters, but rather the show you put on to satisfy and invigorate a subset. Be accused of rape (Bill) or talk about harassment (Trump) or say racist things (Nixon), none of it matters so long as you are trying to do right by the US. Do you have to be Christian? No, so long as you act as if you have faith in something other than the faith that dominates the current opposition (in this case, Islam, though that will change before the end of the Millennials' lifetime). Of course at this point, it sounds crazy even for liberals to be closer to electing a gay president when a straight white male won after a black man. But note the genius of The Provocateurs plan, because if Hillary had won, we'd be contemplating the same thing, “Now that we have a female president, we can have a (insert ethnicity) or a (insert sexuality) president.” Hence, in either case, they win by having made the country's political circus a polarized pendulum.

Let the thievery and history re-writes begin!
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Then there's the supposed “unpredictability” of Trump. “I like him because he says what he thinks. He's authentic.” Right. Anyone can be controlled. N. E. One. Oddly enough, Trump is being pushed and puppeted more than at least three of the previous presidents in the last 40 years. George W. had less whispers near his ear and in his organizations before becoming President and during his tenure. Trump is no less of a politician than any of the others, though he is slightly less experienced at the bureaucracy. But again, he has been fed a certain narrative from his time as the kid of a millionaire. They've got into his ear long ago, and were able to set him on a certain pathway then. Every so often, they check in on people they choose to make sure their influence stuck. It has. Will he be a different president? Sure. Is he independent of their control. Hell no!

“But neither was Hillary.” If that's your response, hello. Pay attention! That is the point. There is no change. In fact, this speeds up The Provocateurs' plan for what they want next as I discussed in the book. Often, whenever we do a pull-out of any war or conflict we are already in, we, in-turn, cause a larger war. Isolation actually leads to more, bigger conflict and The Provocateurs know this. Their plan is conflict. Oddly enough, in going against the prevailing thoughts on war and how to defeat one's enemies, the Provocateurs do not look for division, but unity. Here, and throughout the world, we are unified through our disdain for everything oppositional, and that goes for both sides. Unity in the Provocateurs' plan often leads to far more division. Yet, they've made all of us want the very thing that they will and have been using to destroy us.

What does this mean? Well, nothing, I guess. Can anyone change it? No, save for a Provocateur. Is this the end for America? Are the doomsayers right? Or will the MAGA crowd be vindicated like never before? Well, I will give you the same signs that the Provocateurs gave me. The numbers are 8, 7, and 22. From what I've seen, it will take either 8, 7, or 22 weeks, or months for Trump to show the truthfulness of his election. I happen to think that those will be the good times before something terrible happens. But notice that if we get the longer stick of that, the 22 months, many people will feel they have been vindicated by that time. Near two years of good-to-great prosperity in the country should prove all the naysayers wrong, right? Even the seven months (or maybe it is July 22 of one of these years) is a good amount of time for people to point and say, “see, he's not as bad as everyone thought he'd be.” And maybe he won't be. But for all of those that say some people who fear his presidency (I don't fear it at all) are overreacting, just remember that you may want to say that it is not the end of the world or that something like “nuclear war would never happen” or that “life goes on” but at some point, one day soon, cooler heads won't prevail. At some point you can never say never. At some point the worst thing that can happen... will happen.

This post has been different mainly because I try to stay away from the political commentary that is so often pungent, divisive, and acrid to potential fans of my work as a creative. I probably won't write on politics again, at least not for a long time (few months or a year). Also, I am fully aware of the backlash (albeit hypocritical and ironic seeing as how the Republicans now have not one but two Hollywood presidents to their name in Reality star Trump and B-movie star Reagan) that creatives like actors, directors, singers, etc. suffer whenever they speak on any kind of politics. However, it needed to be said... again. And no, this is not to try to sell books, though if you want to read the book The Provocateur you can buy it here: The Provocateur. Honestly, it is a lesser work of mine. Hell, I'm more concerned with trying to get people to read my episodic novella The Writer (with season three coming this summer), my next written serial Extraordinary (premiering this winter/spring), any of my other novels or getting an interview with Leonardo DiCaprio and the other producers of Captain Planet because I really want to write that film and have wanted to for a while (I think I can balance a “liberal” message with conservative viewers while still making the film fun; you can help me with this by re-tweeting my tweets to Leo #shoe #footprint). But hey, I'm just a writer.

You want to call me a crazy crackpot? Go right ahead. A liberal snowflake? You're very wrong about that, but fine (curious enough, similar to Trump I don't drink nor smoke). A neck-bearded basement-dweller? Whatevs! But don't say you weren't shown the signs. Eight, seven, twenty-two. Whatever happens, you shouldn't let this little blog post provoke you.

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Until next time, “...And did it myyyyyyyy waaayyyy!”

P.S. Seriously, though, does no one see this? Yes, the song is about doing it his way and getting what he wants but history may look back with gaped mouth and scrunched brow on the fact that the 45th entered his presidency with the first song chosen by him to dance to starting with the lyrics “And now, the end is near...” Really! The Provocateurs are laughing at us. A better song would actually have been Usher's “My Way” especially since America is so often referred to as female. The lyric: “You (current politicians) can't satisfy her needs. She keeps running back to see me do it My Way.” But hey, what's done is done. And they didn't even use the classic Sinatra recording. SMH

P.P.S. This goes out just to any Republican critics. Note that whenever democrats protest or are critical of Trump, many of them aren't critical of you or the party per se, but rather the man that Trump has proven to be time and again. I'm an independent, but would people really act like this if Jeb had won or Cruz or Carson? No. There wasn't this much unrest when either Bush was elected. It's not about your party (although, some do feel that you allowed your party to be hijacked by this man and should feel some admonishment) but about the general disgust felt for this particular human being.
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