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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Introduction Post 2: The Sequel

Introduction Post 2: The Sequel

This one will be a lot shorter and won’t explain anything about anything but is needed. Anyways, for the last year or so, literally around March of 2014—and that’s how you use the word literally. Two claps for me—I fell ill. While I won’t divulge the illness, I will say that physically I had plenty of so-so days (none not pain-killer-addled, unfortunately) but mentally I was not with the program. I maintained a walking regimen everyday to help keep me as healthy as I could be but with other ailments stacking up, I really couldn’t do much writing or reading at all.

Since I wasn’t able to do much, some of the projects I had been working on suffered grossly. Essentially everything got pushed way back and a ton of editing wasn’t finished on time. Thankfully, I think I’ve gotten through it and have recently tried getting on track with everything. That includes my own writing, starting this blog which I meant to do a while ago, getting back to moderate my Goodreads group (please, join us; click the link to the side), and catching up with my emails and such. Anyways, if you missed me or want to know why I suddenly stopped things, there you go. Ya gets no more informations and what-nots from me’s, ya hear?

I am planning a heck of a spring, summer and autumn slate of work and projects for you all. I don’t want to jinx myself, but some of them are:
Brand New Home,
The Power of Ten,
A Negotiation of Sorrows,

an as yet untitled YA Novel,
Yep, I’m Totally Stalking My Ex-Boyfriend,
the epic novel of romance and heartbreak Unrequited
and finally my first episodic novel series The Writer. Look for all of those projects coming soon and check for updates both here and possibly on my Goodreads group about any changes in the schedule or slate of reads I have planned. The first up will be Brand New Home and The Power of Ten to be released sometime near the middle of May. I would alert you to the exact date in a later post.

Keep in mind it is a lot of work and I am hoping to get other stuff done in my personal life as well, but I want to make sure that you all have something to read for the rest of 2015, while still keeping up with what you and I watch and cook together. You can keep up by following me on Twitter, following my blog here, or joining my goodreads group. We’d love to have youSo join me on this whole... you know, adventure thingy!

OK, I’m gonna try this signoff thing again. Stay tuned for some new posts, until then Yabba Dabba Doo!

P.S. That’s my fault. That one’s The Flintstones. That one is definitely the Flintstones. I’ll come up with one.

P.P.S. Some of the posts will be a few weeks behind until I get caught up. But if you like those shows and haven’t talked about them enough, feel free to leave your comments, tweet, and whatever else you like doing.
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