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Monday, April 27, 2015

Murder She Wrote, Murder She Did #SecretsAndLies

Murder She Wrote, Murder She Did #SecretsAndLies

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Last night on ABC’s Secrets and Lies starring Ryan Phillippe, we sorta found out where his wife Christy got all the money—her brother... supposedly. She was also revealed to be talking/dating/just friends/hooking up/are they or aren’t they/any other way you can think of to explain just how complicated their relationship is seeing as how she is technically still married to Ben. That drama was nowhere near as titillating as the other developments in the plot.

For the first time since the show began, we finally saw Detective Cornell (played by Juliette Lewis; loved her in The Other Sister) change her hypothesis on who she thought the killer was. After a re-examination of the crime scene in the forest, and gathering of additional previously missed evidence, she has determined that Ben is not the killer AND that the killer is actually female. I say female because of the theory I’ve had this entire season. More on that later.

Naturally, like most every person in the world who has their mind set on something being true and factual only to realize later that it wasn’t, she ran to him to tell him how innocent she thought he was and—gotcha! She Detective Cornell didn’t apologize or anything but went along with the investigation.

Meanwhile, with his wife gone and already starting the horrific ping-pong divorce battle involving the kids (a reminder that my book #ANegotiationOfWounds is out now and its sequel, #ANegotiationOfSorrows is coming out later this year), Ben turns to Jess (Tom the dead kid’s mother) for comfort. Or rather she turns to him and he is too stupid not to realize exactly what she’s doing. It only gets worse when she wedges her way into a father-daughter trip to see the fireworks and carnival festivities that Ben attends with his youngest daughter Abby. He can’t take a hint nearly the entire night that Abby doesn’t want the woman her father cheated on her mother with and had a illegitimate son with to be there, so naturally Ben and Jess have sex as he tries to apologize for his daughter’s behavior.

And that’s when it took a Glenn Closian turn. It started with her wanting to make breakfast. It always starts with someone wanting to make breakfast. The first rule of a “booty call” or lack-in-judgment hook-up is not to allow them to make you breakfast. Even mentioning a sit-down breakfast is foul. They’re supposed to throw you an egg and bacon hot pocket and get on with the day. But no, Jess knows none of these fictional rules I made up.

As Jess happily jumps into the shower, Ben not only identifies a jacket in a picture of hers as the bloody blue one he found in the forest once, he finds a drawer full of unopened medications and a tiny urn for a deceased baby, one she had long before Tom. I know, #DamnSheCrazy! She threw a few things at him as he escaped the house and from then on got even stranger with her actions when it turned out that Abby had gone missing. Apparently it was all a big misunderstanding and Ben was wrong as usual when he assumed she had killed her own son... maybe. The first baby died from SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome that sent her into a tailspin with her already aggravated Bi-polarity. When she took the pills they mellowed her out but they did too good of a job at it, making her believe she no longer needed them. Explanations galore! Still doesn’t explain the breakfast thing but I’ll let it slide.

The twist came at the end of the episode as always which leads me into my theory. Detective Cornell, after re-testing the splatter pattern for Tom’s death concluded that she did it. She was also following Ben, Jess and Abby through the carnival/fair thingy and watching how they interacted. Now, I’ve had three suspects from jump street. I thought it was Jess, the black lady married to the angry military guy, or Abby. That’s right, I thought it was Ben’s youngest daughter. Why? Because there was always something strange that stuck out to me about how she acted. She seemed both too nonchalant about discovering she had a little brother and overly emotional. For some reason, I suspect that she overheard her parents fighting about Ben’s cheating and might have put two and two together to realize that was her brother. Why would she want to kill him? Maybe to make Jess leave the neighborhood and keep her parents together or because she didn’t want attention pulled from her because she is technically still the baby or she was just jealous because of the attention her father was increasingly paying to the young boy. In any case, I think #AbbyDidIt.

What do you think readers and viewers. Do you agree with me that the little girl might have done it? Do you think Jess did it? If not either of them, who? Has #SecretsAndLies held your attention with its mystery or are you pretty over it? Let me know in the comments’ section.

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Looking forward to the summer and writing and whatnot. Until then, with a Rebel Yell, she cried, “more! More! More!”

P.S. OK, yes, I was kinda thinking of Billy Idol and the crazy and intoxicating rock and roll of the 80s. It’s not a crime to like that music. Sometimes you wanna take a trip into the jungle to eat some sweet cherry pie and chill out with a rock lobster. Rock lobsters are very cool people, which is really hard for them to be because they’re not even actual people. They’re lobsters. I’ll keep working on the sign-off thing.

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