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Monday, November 9, 2015

Twinsanity (or in other words, yes this title is a lazy copout) #Quantico #ABC

Twinsanity (or in other words, yes this title is a lazy copout) #Quantico #ABC

All pictures courtesy of ABC 

So, last night while writing this I contemplated whether I would make my next NaBloPoMo post about a show as they usually are or if I would switch it up and make it about the writing. Tomorrow I probably will make it one on the writing and how that is going as NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo are competing for my writing time. Heck, writing a blog post a day is a lot of work but to be trying to finish a bestselling novel in the same time is proving even more difficult. In my six days of writing last week I didn't get anywhere near where I wanted to get in my novel, but I'm rocking it out on the posts. More about that tomorrow. For now, let's talk some crazy spy-ness.

This week's Quantico (#Quantico) was a big episode because it finally covered the twins. Leaving us with a cliffhanger from last week when the two women locked Asher in their bathroom, this episode opened with the recruits going through some more physical fitness stuff all without Asher. Where everyone thought he was, I don't know (it bothered me all episode) but since no one asked, it clearly showed just how much they care for their fellow recruit. He had to deal with the head lady who didn't want her secret project compromised with him opening his big mouth about the truth. What does Asher do as soon as she lets him out and he goes to class, he tells "Nimah" to stay away from him, "both of you," while sitting next to the blonde gay guy who already found out he wasn't gay. That might have been a clue, might not have--I don't know. What I do know is that he was pissed.

Back in the future just after the terrorist attack, after Alex discovered the footage showing one of the twins in Grand Central before the blast, she jumped to the conclusion that they had either been turned by radical Islam or had always been radical Muslims. But when they find an address for the twins in NYC (why was everyone stationed in NYC?), Alex and Asher go to their apartment to find Raina praying and unaware of where her sister is or if she was still alive. As a side, yes, Raina (or Rayna?) is the name of the twin sister who is the kinder one who likes Asher, but they went under her sister's name for whatever reason.

Hi, I'm Fletcher

As the story switches back and forth we see that Alex and the gang are all in danger both in the future and the past, or the present and the past. Ahh, now I'm getting confused. Back as trainees, their mid-term exam was to use all of their skills acquired from the first third of training to complete a test. Thinking it a written exam after receiving a paper, they quickly realize the paper is blank and start to consider other ways they could be getting tested. Alex thinks it has something to do with the amount of papers they received. The group hands in the paper and realize they are one piece short, a 60 out of 61 people. When they use the classroom surveillance to discover it was the rich kid Fletcher who never got a paper, he freaks out about how he shouldn't have been there and was failing out anyway. He storms out the room and triggers a full classroom shutdown that shuts the blinds and turns off the AC. Now they have to figure out if he was a real traitor/danger to his fellow trainees like the suicidal Mormon was earlier in the year, or if he is part of the test.

Their quest of discovery leads them to find a trigger under his seat counting down from three hours. His girlfriend, tomboy who likes Booth, said that he went for a walk the night before causing the group to check the surveillance camera in the class during that time. He's on the recording placing something in the podium. What else is it but a bomb!

Meanwhile, back in the future, Raina takes Asher and Alex to the place where they've been looking down on a house where known Islamic militants have been living. Undercover, they infiltrated the organization as Nemah, and were trying to stop an imminent terrorist threat. With Nimah currently inside, they send Raina across the street to sneak in and take her place, but Nemah doesn't want to switch out. She asks to go back in after telling Alex and Asher about her cover. While undercover for the last week, she had to sleep with the main guy to get more info in hopes of stopping the attack. She never switched out because she didn't want the near virginal Raina to have to submit to the sexual advances of a terrorist. As it happens, he comes back expecting more from Raina than just a few shy giggles.

Everything blows up in their face when Booth and Shelby arrive with a hidden tracker on them, leading Liam and tomboy straight to their location. Not only are they helping fugitive Alex, but they are risking the life of a field agent by allowing Raina to remain in that house. As the FBI raids the apartment, Nimah, Alex, and Booth run across the street to rescue Raina. In the hubbub, the terrorist comes out to see the twins and fires at them, missing and hitting Booth (damn, how many times is this dude gonna get shot... or stabbed?). They manage to escape but only because tomboy loves Booth and she'd rather tend to his wounds than bring in Alex.

Sorry Edie, you're gone from another show. 

Back during training, Asher steps up to diffuse the bomb as he's the only experienced explosives expert. Typical movie/show bomb stuff, he cuts and pulls some wires to speed up the timer, but in doing so opens the door out of the classroom. Some people too frightened by blowing up scamper away. Those that stay watch the countdown end and the director come waltzing in talking about congratulations for passing the test. They needed to risk their lives for the country or else why be there?

Unfortunately those who ran get expelled, including the blonde gay guy that figured out Asher's secret. Oddly, the non-gay Asher allows himself a kiss with the gay guy. A few other stories tidying up: Booth is given the opportunity for reinstatement as a full agent but says he has to think about it; Shelby meets Caleb's dad, the same man she has an affair with in the future; and the director revealed to the group that Nimah and Raina were twins to keep Asher from going crazy.

What do you think? Will Asher and Raina finally get to really start dating? Will Booth find a way not to get shot or stabbed or nearly killed again in the next seven episodes? And who do you suspect is the killer/terrorist? My money is still on Shelby. Let me know in the comments below (hint: click the no comments button if you see no comments).

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Until next time, "when to the show, sittin' in the front row with a black track suit and it's shutdown."

P.S. OK, the shutdown of the FBI classroom reminded me of London rapper Skepta's hit song Shutdown. If you haven't heard it and you like rap you need to check it out. I'll think of a better sign-off next time, but until then everything is shutdown!

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