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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Biggie Asked Who Shot Ya... Annalise? #HowToGetAwayWithMurder #HTGAWM #WinterFinale #ABC

Biggie Asked Who Shot Ya... Annalise? #HowToGetAwayWithMurder #HTGAWM #WinterFinale #ABC

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Though I was only going to do one show's winter finale (#WinterFinale) this week--Heroes Reborn--I just couldn't resist talking about Ms. Keating as she capped off the craziest TGIT (#TGIT) night since... well, last year's TGIT winter finales. With that said, Holy Crap! They shot her on purpose.

Sorry, I jumped ahead of myself there. Let's start near the beginning. Last week's episode revealed that Bonnie was the one who pushed prosecutor Sinclair off the roof. The woman's dead body landed in front of Michaela (is it weird that I can never remember her name) and Connor as they looked to be escaping from something. It was also revealed that the Asian girl making up the second half of the adopted sibling duo accused of their parents' murder not only knew this third guy Philip (their adopted aunt's incestuous son) but that she seemed to hang with him, maybe even like him as he had a personal painting of hers in his room. Michaela slept with the adopted brother, after which he revealed that tucked inside of a venting grate in what looked like an old rich person's study was a gun. And this was where we picked up.

It should also be noted at this time that the secondary plot of the season concerning rich boy Asher and his judge father played huge in this episode and the insanity that took place. This all stemmed from the prosecutor blackmailing Asher into testifying against Annalise or else she would expose and possibly seek prosecution on Trotter Lake--an incident where he as president of a fraternity didn't stop his fellow bros from raping a girl, ultimately ruining her life and forcing his father to bury the embarrassing floundering of his son's judgment. Now back to the episode at hand.

Suspecting that the gun may have been the one his adopted sister used to slay their billionaire white parents, the Black guy frets over what he should do with the gun. Michaela foolishly calls Connor who tells her that they shouldn't touch it and leave it be. He also tells them to call Annalise but Michaela doesn't want to do that because Anna would have to expose it to the prosecutor, which would just blow their case to pieces. Like an idiot, the Black guy grabs the gun, puts his prints all over it and says that he wants to destroy it.
Finally someone wises up and calls Annalise over to the mansion. She agrees with Connor that they should never have moved the gun and that putting it back would only tamper with evidence a second time. Scheming, she sees the gun as a Robert Frostian fork, forcing her to separate herself from representing one of the siblings, because it's possible one of them is guilty. Since the brother currently stands before her, he lucks out and gets her representation, though she did give him the chance to get his own lawyer.

Meanwhile, the Asian girl is out of there faster than Speed Racer. The hunt for her is on as they need to question her about the weapon. She goes to a motel where she is supposed to meet Philip later. Speaking of, Philip starts the day sitting in the police station but when suspicions about his record arise, the office cameras get checked, revealing Nate had tampered with the boy's record, switching his record with that of someone else in order to help Annalise. Already two-times pissed from not having gotten him and/or Annalise on Sam's murder, Sinclair wants to see him burn for obstruction and tampering. He loses his mind on her and gets loud, causing her to file a harassment complaint as she felt threatened by the muscular bald Black man... or turned on. Not saying it's a race thing, just saying I didn't quite see "nothing but fear" in her eyes. Even more to my theory, later when he files a complaint against the DA's office for harassment himself (they've been trying to pin all sorts of crimes on him), she invites him into her car to talk, yet she feared for her life hours earlier? Please. She must have been bumping some old school Stevie Wonder in the back of her mind thinking about how chocolatey, Wesley Snipes dark this man was, but that's none of my business.

Did He Just Run Someone Over Or See That Mama June Sextape
What was important is that he willingly got into her car and agreed to a mutual dropping of charges. Bad mistake. Hours later as she is leaving to go home around eight that night, who else but Asher shows up. Why is he there and pissed? Because earlier in the day cops discovered his dad Smurf-blue in his office as he hung from a rope: suicide. To save Asher from testifying against Bonnie for killing Sam--a cover-up for Wes and the others that really killed the man--Annalise had to give the DA something juicier. What better than a corrupt judge bending the law to protect his son. But neither Asher nor his father knew this, leading to the old man's death and Asher blaming Sinclair who had her hand all up in his business. I mean, all up in there!

Her attitude one of nonchalant, "your father did it to himself," I could care less-ness, he snaps and backs over her with his car, killing her probably instantly. He calls Bonnie, his older lady sex buddy and Annalise's right hand woman. Unfortunately she can't move unless Annalise makes that hand puppet gesture to make her talk. She calls Annalise just as the woman learns of the news of Nate, Asher's father and Frank being unable to figure out where this Asian girl is until now.

In one of the most brilliantly shot scenes of the show, Annalise breaks down a scheme to save Nate, to clear her client the young Black guy, to save Asher and to make Sinclair's death look like something that no one had much of anything to do with. Her plan is as follows: bring Sinclair's dead body to the house under the guise that she invited the woman there to discuss the startling new evidence of the gun; once there, throw the already dead body off the roof and make it look like she was either pushed by Asian girl or she fall off by accident; clean and disinfect her car of any DNA left behind by Nate; clean and disinfect Asher's car from having hit her; find the Asian girl and drug her with something either so powerful that she appears to have committed suicide, or powerful enough to send her into a blackout state where she could have tried to kill Annalise; and finally, take a bullet in the leg after calling the police and telling them that the Asian girl attacked and tried to kill her and Sinclair. Yeah, craziness.

Not only does this all have to come together perfectly, but the thing that stood out to me as something they completely missed was the forensic evidence left on Sinclair's body. If she got hit by Asher's car and ended up under his chassis, most likely she has flakes of paint, tire rubber, undercarriage metal and/or leaked fluids somewhere on her body. Even if the impact of her body upon the ground when they dropped her from the roof pulverized her bones and exploded her organs enough, she would have been in full rigor mortis by then and a decent pathologist would know that. Where's Rosewood and Bones when you need them? Oh, right. They're on FOX. I digress.

The biggest mystery since the first episode of the season has been who shot Annalise. After hanging up from 9-1-1, we got the answer with Latina girl and Michaela both turning down the opportunity. Connor, the morally corrupt gay guy from last year who somewhere along the line grew a conscience, also turns her down. Even Wes at first says no, but like all we viewers should have known from jump, he gives into the madness and shoots her in the stomach when she finally admits that Rebecca has been dead this whole time. The only reason he doesn't finish the job with a bullet to her head is because she calls out the name Kristoff, leading to a flashback years earlier.

Who is Kristoff? Wes is Kristoff, sitting in an interrogation room as someone struggles to tell him what happened to his mother. Behind the viewing glass stands Annalise in her best Moesha 90s braids/twists and Famke as her girlfriend back then. And so ends the twisty goodness of HTGAWM for 2015. When will it return? TGIT won't be back until February 11th. Mark you calendars now people.

Why Do You Always Have That Same Look On Your Face? 

What do you think? Was that a good end for the first half of the season? Was the shooter who you expected? Do you think that they'll get caught from all the clear oversights of evidence on Sinclair's body? Let me know in the comments below (hint: click the no comments button if you see no comments).

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Until next time, "who shot me, but you punks didn't finish. Now you 'bout to feel the wrath of a menace. Sucka, I hit 'em up!"

P.S. If I started with Biggie it was only right that I end it with a Tupac reference, right? I'll think of a better, more original sign-off next time.