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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I Thought Sexy Angel's Were Victoria Secret Models #Grandfathered #FOX #Comedy

I Thought Sexy Angel's Were Victoria Secret Models #Grandfathered #FOX #Comedy

All pictures courtesy of FOX 

That's right, this show is still on, John Stamos is still on TV and unlike Rob Lowe, he has yet to say something stupid about the terrorists attacks in France. Not to mention this show was picked up for an entire season by Fox because, you know, it's funny and stuff.

Last night on Grandfathered (#Grandfathered) after spending weeks seeing his son Josh Peck strike out with Christina Milian--baby mama, love of his life, doesn't know a good guy when she sees one, the usual stuff--he decides to step in and help the boy land a real woman who will not think that a Netflix and chill night will be a mistake. His plan: fix the boy up with some nice clothes (really a toned-down version of his own California laid back businessman-style), teach him a few techniques to land the ladies and take him out to a nightclub to pick up women.

Meanwhile, Christina Milian started another new job/hustle selling energy drinks to businesses, mainly Stamos' restaurant as he's been the only buyer. He, naturally, tells her he'll buy a few cases after hearing her terrible pitch because she's family but when she turns around to not only try getting him to become a distributor of the beverage himself (because that's where the real money is) but also to get into another hustle she's working, he realizes she is the perfect candidate for a mentorship.

Being the stand up guy he is, he orders his restaurant manager to do the job and take Christina under her wing. But this ditzy, empty-headed girl thinks she will be the mentor not the lesbian manager. Afros almost get pulled and ass whooped when Christina is offended by her new mentor's take on her life: it's crap! Who saves the day but the cute little baby.

Back with loving, open and caring Josh Peck, he and his dad go to a bar together where his father tries coaching him into the skirts of a few different fine ladies. Actually having fun, he ends the night with a young woman off of whom he does a few body shots. Things are a little crazy to say the least but everything turns out OK as he has met a girl. Not so fortunate, Stamos ends up with a rambler chick who has a "talent" for making any word shorter or hipper. A mouth that runs nonstop, he does leave with her and is happy so long as his son is. But he has his doubts.

Turning into the overbearing, worrywart parent he thought Paget Brewster would be when it came to their son, he makes a visit to the two girls' office (his and his son's girl work at the same place). Under the guise of bringing flowers, he learns the office gossip that Peck's new lady is supposedly sleeping with the boss on a long business lunch. Though it's only been a week, Peck's smittenness has reached critical mass and he needs to know that his new girlfriend is already cheating on him. No one stops to think at this point why she would have even given him the time of day when he supplies her with absolutely nothing that her boss probably doesn't already give her. He's broke, has a so-so job, is a single dad, doesn't have game and doesn't seem to make good sex as Christina hasn't gone back for seconds.

Both story lines collide when Peck brings his girlfriend and his mom to his dad's restaurant. Milian apologizing for exploding about the offence, she admits that maybe her dreams are a little out there. The manager levels with her, telling her how she once wanted to be a soul singer. Thinking she can teach the older lady something, she pushes her onstage to sing, I mean kill cats with her horrid, banshee-like screeches. She enjoys it though.

Ready to blow the whole secret wide open, Stamos sits down with Brewster as they listen to Peck's new girlfriend chastise him for eating, then being clumsy, and I'm sure for breathing too, though I might be wrong on that. When they get up and leave to clean the spilled oil from his shirt, Stamos and Brewster check her phone, finding texts from some name under "Big Daddy."

In the oldest, sitcom trick we all still know, love and fall for, it turns out they incorrectly identified big daddy as the girl's boss, as opposed to their son. He defends her, lesbian manager feels good that she made the right choice to give up on her singing career, Stamos learns both how to and how not to be a worried parent and Peck gets to keep his new girlfriend. The only casualty: Peck's 3-D printer which he sells to take his lady out on a snazzy date.

What did you think? Are you still watching and loving this family comedy? Do you think Peck's new girlfriend will stay for long? If so, will she make good competition for Milian? And what about the relationship with Stamos and Brewster? What do you think will happen there? Let me know in the comments below (hint: click the no comments button if you see no comments).

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Until next time, "I'm not about to get knocked-out because of my stellar, always workable armbar technique. Oh, you said they're allowing kicks now? Oh."

P.S. Not everyone can take a foot to the side of their face like Rousey can. Does one loss a fake make? No. Like Donnie said, we fall down, but we get up! I'll think of a better sign-off next time.

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