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Friday, November 20, 2015

So The Future Kinda Looks Like Nevada #HeroesReborn #NBC #WinterFinale

So The Future Kinda Looks Like Nevada #HeroesReborn #NBC #WinterFinale

All pictures courtesy of NBC 

It has been a long week, ladies and gentlemen and I am thoroughly exhausted. I'll be speaking about my activities from the previous week in and upcoming post but for now just know that my days were spent doing manual labor from 10am to 7pm just in my yard for my "vacation." Then I came in and would still try to work and do some blogging. Maddening stuff. Anyway, with all my day time consumed I would have lost my mind had I not been able to relax with some prime time TV of my fave shows' winter finales (#WinterFinale).
One such show was Heroes Reborn (#HeroesReborn). After the past few episodes in which it was revealed the history of Tommy, the weird white eskimo girl that turned out to be his sister, the Katana Girl and a slew of other secrets (really, if you haven't been keeping up you've got to take the weekend to binge), this week the show turned its eye toward the future.

A brief glimpse at earth over 7,000 years into the future from last week with Katana Girl continued into this week as she approached the oasis city in the barren wasteland that was the remains of earth. Remembering that she was a digital manifestation, a mimicking program based off of a real live girl who was dying, she wondered how she suddenly appeared from nowhere several thousand years after her initial creation. Wasting little time, she immediately starts kicking butt in the new city, this gateway to the future, she comes across her own father or rather the guy who created her. Not only does he introduce her to the real life girl on which she's based, he gives her a new mission similar to the old one to find and save the time traveler who is now Tommy and not Hiro.

Speaking of, Tommy awakes to the house (read: lair) of the evil Renautas CEO lady. Giving him a hell of a pitch that even made me think she was one of the good guys (still think she might be), she convinces him to take them to the future so they can see her plan to save the world and how it's going. The future the same as with Katana Girl, he sees nothing for miles until they go to the future city. There, he encounters tons of scientist and other worker bees trying to grow crops, recreate genetic biodiversity and replenish the world of it's secondary life (if humans are thought of as the primary). She also tells him that his "father" Hiro was helping her with transporting these things through time. While she doesn't fully reveal her plan for a specific list of people she wants to go, she feels the boy is thoroughly convinced after their tour and will actually help. And he does want to help until Katana Girl rescues him.

Meanwhile, back in current times Noah and his granddaughter start their pilgrimage back to Odessa as was planned long ago. While on the way, they re-encounter Zachary Levi's character as he wants only to help after Malina saved his life. Though Noah refuses his help, he figures it is best to follow (read: stalk) them in a not-so-conspicuous vehicle. When they all run into a traffic jam on the highway caused by some great ominous black cloud that is powerful enough to lift whole cars, Malina jumps out the car and does her thing. As a side note, am I the only one who still doesn't fully understand her powers? What the hell does she do? Is she like a more tuned-in, more powerful Storm from X-men? Don't know.

The black cloud nearly proves too much, even tossing a car Noah's way before she finally stops it. Noah's life is save, we're assuming by Tommy as he is instantly transported out of there before the car smashes him. Malina then has to leave with Zachary Levi because some non-Evos are rallying their hatred.

Finally, the farm story where Malina's old guardian Farah, her ex-Bf(?) Carlos and evil lady's daughter have all wound up brings back another vet of the series, the mind reader. While Carlos is concerned with escaping with his nephew, Malina is concerned with escaping with her life and evil lady's daughter is concerned with screwing up her mother's plans by finding the leader of this underground Evo resistance group, all the mind reader cares about is if he's on the list to go to the future. After a little torture and threats of killing Carlos in front of Malina, the two manage to escape when he's called away to a doppleganger evil lady. Not much sense or connection is really made between what is being done on the farm and the rest of the story, however, all three of the good guys are united as they try leaving the compounding. And that was when the producers/writers decided to give us the old Matrix sequels treatment and put up the "To Be Continued" script over a black screen. Sorry, people, but with only three episodes left we'll have to wait until January 9th to for more answers to the questions we all have.

Am I on the list? Please tell me I am. 

What do you think? Do you think that Renautas is actually good in a sense and that Noah and the others will somehow come together with them to save the world? Do you think Malina's powers can save the world? And what about Katana Girl? Were you surprised to see her again? Let me know in the comments below (hint: click the no comments button if you see no comments).

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Until next time, "There's only one week between now and Gobble Day. Be prepared for anything... especially that cranberry sauce in a can stuff. That's delicious."

P.S. Having just finished off a half bag of chips, I am very hungry right now. Unfortunately, I'm also very sleepy and I have to cook dinner. I'll think of something better next time.

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