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Friday, November 6, 2015

The Player Is Still Playing... For Now #ThePlayer #NBC

The Player Is Still Playing... For Now #ThePlayer #NBC

All pictures courtesy of NBC

The latest episode of the as yet not officially canceled The Player (#ThePlayer) started with a boom. So how is the show whose episode order was cut down to nine doing? It's moving along.

Still in search of his wife, this week Kane and the big guy took a trip to Chicago where a bank bombing occurred. Not just a normal bombing, Kane detects that the explosion was lateral enough to take out only the floor with the bank lawyers on it and not the entire building. While all other governmental and reporting organizations think it is a terrorist attack, Kane and Cassandra don't find enough clues that add up to say as much. Instead, they follow a different theory.

The bomb had been made with syntex meaning the bomber knew how to make professional explosives, however, it also meant that the bomber had to have an illegal supplier as syntex is not sold at your local Target. They track down the buyer which produces a list of how much of the dangerous chemical was bought.

The illegal dealer also happens to have cameras outside of his legit place of business which Cassandra hacks into and searches for the license plates of the potential buyer. The one clue the seller gave them was that the man had an authentic construction worker city badge given for government demolition jobs like bridges and whatnot. A little cross-referencing and they find the name and bio of the man who built the bomb. Alex makes a trip to the man's house to find a foreclosure sign up outside. As it turns out, the bank that currently owns his house was the same bank that months earlier told him they'd be able to modify his mortgage so he and his family could keep the house after he lost his job--budget cuts. But the lawyers screwed him out of the money by filing the foreclosure paperwork months earlier and milking the family for their last few cents before taking the home. They were going to flip it for a profit.

Not a terrorist but a vigilante, he has a list of people who he thinks should suffer because of what they did to his family. Finding his wife and children living in a cheap motel on the outskirts of Chicago, Alex learns that they tried telling their story to an award-winning blogger. A black woman fully down with this Latino family's struggle, she changes colors when the bank asks her to squash her story in exchange for a lump-sum payment to clear her student loan debt. That just made her the second target on the bomber's list.

Strapping a vest to her chest in an elevator, he shows his face to the elevator cam and sets the bomb to blow a few seconds after he exits into the lobby. So shocked most of the waiting lift passengers were to see the bomb vest that no one dared stop him as he coolly strolled into the crowd and out of the building undetected. Alex arrives just in time and removes the non-booby-trapped vest seconds before it explodes. Pushing aside the fact that it was stated that there was enough syntex to take out the entire lobby of the building, he manages to get up and carry the journalist out to safety. A hero, he has to escape from bloodthirsty reporters as The Player can't be captured or otherwise he no longer is the player. A brief aside revealed that Wesley Snipes used to be a player; in fact, he was the highest rated most favored player in game history. Apparently all pit bosses were at one point players themselves--something for Alex to look forward to and an interesting twist if this franchise ever takes off or is rebooted or something magically allows it to gain more fans.

Back to his pursuit of the bomber, the last name on the list is the CEO of the bank. While the man doesn't set any of the policies and wasn't directly responsible for the predatory and dastardly business practices, just him being a figurehead was more than enough to be blown up in his own house. Alex shows up just in time there too, and talks the bomber out of blowing the man up as the CEO undoes the ropes and tape and escapes out to call the police. The game won without another casualty after the lawyers, Alex gets the guy to go to the police with him, but not without Wesley first blowing up the CEO's house as retribution.

The side story for the night dealt with Snipes' character's past as we learned he grew up in the streets of Chicago but made a name for himself. After visiting an old friend who is also involved with the game thing, his trust for Cassandra is called into question as he is currently keeping secrets from her. When he goes to meet with the man again, he finds him with a slit throat inside of a burial house. Who this man was, who killed him, and who really controls the game are all called into question.

The pursuit for Kane's non-dead dead wife continued too as her mother came into town to settle up what to do with her house. She tells Kane that her daughter was a big liar who kept secrets and he doesn't know what to think of that but grabs a set of keys with her name on them. Meanwhile, Cassandra thought she discovered where Ginnie was but when she arrived at what looked like a safe house, all she found were appliances still left to run as someone had recently left.

At this point, I think the bigger mystery lies within whether this will continue to stay on the air or has any chance of being picked up for another season. With the episode order so short, and the word canceled all but written all over it, I am struggling to keep my interest in a show I think will soon be gone forever. Why they haven't tried moving this show to Tuesday night where it clearly belongs, I will never know, but since they insist on keeping it right where it is, I am already saying my adieus and goodbyes.

What do you think? Have you given up on the show too? Were you ever a fan? Did the show ever sound like a good concept to you? Let me know in the comments below (hint: click the no comments button if you see no comments).

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Until next time, "it's like they say, don't hate the player, hate the game."

P.S. In this case I think you could hate the NBC scheduling team to put this show on an already packed night. Could the show use some improvements? A lot of them, yes, but not being able to see that it is clearly in the wrong time slot on the wrong day is what is killing this show. Oh well. I'll come up with a better sign-off next time.

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