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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

XY, XX, Castle and Beckett separating? What’s going on here? #Castle #Caskett

XY, XX, Castle and Beckett separating? What’s going on here? #Castle #Caskett

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OK, so the season opener of Castle was really a two-parter not listed as such with each part telling one side of the same story from a different vantage point. As you probably guess by now, yes the views were from male and female viewpoints.

With Castle seeing the mayhem produced after his wife disappeared on her first day as police captain over her old precinct division, XX is Kate’s side. Pushing all the way back to her brief stint working in DC, she gets a distress call from a local FBI agent in town because of a database search she did years ago. The search was on her mother’s murderer and how or if it connected to Senator Bracken. Long story short, it did connect to Bracken but she had already put him away for conspiracy to commit her mother’s murder last season. But there was even more dirt to be uncovered.

Suddenly, Beckett found herself in the middle of a theatre shootout where she had to kill three people, got shot herself and narrowly escaped with the FBI desk jockey who sent out the SOS. On the run, she made sure the diabetic got his insulin shot and did a little patchwork on herself as she listened to his story. What is essentially another overwhelming mystery for Kate to obsess about, the series gave vague details about what is happening, only telling us that this is even bigger than Bracken as it has the disgraced, imprisoned senator scared for his life—worthy fears as he is murdered in solitary confinement shortly after.

There are also two teams of people looking for Kate and this special agent just to make a clean sweep of anything linking them to Bracken’s death and the death of the three other agents in the theatre. But things supposedly aren’t all they seem as Castle and the crew find out that the guy Kate’s protecting lied to get into the FBI and is supposedly a mole/traitor. That is disproven when the guy saves Kate from a shooter in an air hangar. Then, it is discovered that the woman who brought an FBI team to the precinct to catch whoever was chasing after Kate and the supposed traitor was, herself, the turncoat. But when they go to arrest her she is already dead from an apparent suicide leaving the mystery of who was behind all of this wide open.

There were a few side stories/pop-ins from extraneous characters that really didn’t add much to the story in my opinion. Just as the new black detective lady (a new series regular from what I’ve read) added little to Castle’s point of view, Castle’s supposed mother-in-law/spy added little to Kate’s. What they did say was how both Castle and Kate can no longer be the way they once were as they embark on new careers semi-apart from each other. Even more to the point, Kate couldn’t start obsessing over this new mystery as she did her mother’s murder—the thing that drove her to become a cop—if she wanted a happy married life. And what did she choose?

In a terrible twist of the show, she chose the case... her work... again... like she’s been doing for the last couple of seasons. This time, she didn’t even give Castle the benefit of truly weighing in on her decision (unlike when she chose to go to the FBI or not run for senate or become a captain). While I understand this might actually be the natural progression of the character, I don’t find it that enjoyable. I wanted to see them become more of a Bones kind of couple where they still manage to find happiness when their work intertwines rather than become a real life couple where work overpowers both the relationship and the individuals. All in all, it was a good episode, though we will see if viewers are satisfied with the changes.

What did you think? Did you like the extra guests on the show to help both Kate and Castle on their individual journeys? Do you think this new mystery will enliven the show? What about the changes? Do you think Castle’s PI business will thrive or will something happen to make Kate get a demotion and the two of them wind up as partners again? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Until next time, “We have met the enemy and he is well-dressed.”

P.S. Ha! I got you this time. Not a direct quote, but a modified quote. Hey, who doesn’t love a well-dressed enemy. I’ll keep thinking of something.

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