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Thursday, September 24, 2015

At Last... Scandal is Back! #Scandal #PremiereWeek

At Last... Scandal is Back! #Scandal #PremiereWeek

                                                                          All pictures and media courtesy of ABC

Rolling in the sheets. Skin against skin. Black against white in the sweetest of ways. Flirty kisses and a little tongue action. Yeah, Scandal (#Scandal) came back tonight and it started as expected—with a hot, steamy, sexy, good love scene.

Picking up not far after the season finale, the opening moments of the show found Liv and Fitz, uh... Living and Fitzing all over the place and in the White House? Goodness gracious. From there, the show took a meandering turn down setting up the rest of the season.

Like the premiere of Gotham, to me Scandal returned with a quiet episode. While it did hold true to what Shonda said in a recent interview about getting back to the basics of solving cases, white-hatting and putting out the flames of scandal, it didn’t have as much punch as I wanted. For starters, I might have enjoyed more love scenes between Liv and Fitz. Hey, they didn’t do much with each other the last half of the last season. They should be hotter than the devil’s cornbread in July. Now that was country as hell, wasn’t it? Just made that up but you know you can imagine Colonel Sanders saying that on those new KFC commercials. Back to Scandal, while they did have their moments, I craved more.

Much of the episode focused on the “where are they now” that any new season of a show with a massive cliff-hanger does; however, I felt it went on a little too long. Why would Olivia not tell “Red” about her on-again relationship with the president? She couldn’t have thought it would undermine her job because she made moves that undermined the woman’s job anyway. And while we know why Elizabeth jumped from the first lady/new senator’s cabin to the president’s, what was the point in him not communicating with her his plans? I know they’re probably trying to build tension between the two, but it didn’t feel right. And what about Cyrus? He was in, what, two scenes and didn’t do much other than turn Mellie down. I get it. Huck is broken, the USADA is still trying to white-hat, Sally is still being an overly-conservative nuisance, Abby is still bad at her job at the White House, Mellie still thinks she and Fitz have some chance of working things out and the only person who really has their stuff together is Quinn. Oh and Jake is... well, not being Jake from State Farm. I’m sure he’ll help Huck become Huck again real soon but until then, we’ll have to wait for their side story to develop.

The case to be solved for the week happened to be a murdered American princess married to the prince of some country that Fitz wanted to build a military base in after throwing a dinner for them. Why he’s throwing this dinner now after 3 years of marriage, I don’t know other than the clear political move. But in a scene that mimicked Princess Diana’s death, she was found dead next to her toppled dignitary car in a tunnel. A very obvious case, I guessed immediately that the killer was someone in the family, most likely the mother. Few suspects stood out otherwise. She had the woman killed because she discovered the young lady’s affair with her bodyguard had led to a pregnancy and couldn’t have this chick Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner-ing all up in her monarchy. She got away with it because of diplomatic immunity but her son made her abdicate the throne to him as punishment. All said and done, the case took about 12 minutes actual show time and wasn’t that involved. Hopefully we’ll get better as the season progresses.

Wow, this post is almost over already? Seems short. Well, I told you it didn’t have much to bite into as far as I saw it (How to get away with Murder was a different story). Now, next week’s episode looks to be explosive as Sally has shot the first arrow into exposing Fitz and Liv’s secret White House relationship. Can’t wait.

What did you viewers think about this episode? Did you expect a little more? Or did it completely blow your mind and you can’t understand why I’m so demanding (I’m not trying to be. I’m sorry)? Do you think Fitz will actually divorce the first lady or no? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Hint: click where it reads “no comments” to comment.

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Until next time, “if I ruled the world. Imagine that. I’d free all my sons. I love ‘em, love ‘em, babeyyyy! ”

P.S. More song lyrics? Yes. Don’t blame me for this one though. S.M. Dahman @twistedgreenz on Twitter totally put it into my head and I was singing it all day. Go to her Blog and blame her.

P.P.S. Sorry, Dahman.

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