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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Well... Do Something! #AgentsofSHIELD #PremiereWeek

Well... Do Something! #AgentsofSHIELD #PremiereWeek

All pictures courtesy of ABC

So it seems the little engine that could keeps on chuggin’ along and the ride seems to be getting better and better. With a premiere a week later than most of the networks, Agents of SHIELD (#AgentsofSHIELD) came back with a bit of a bang. So where will this season go? And did they include an Ant-man reference anywhere in there? I know, you probably go to the movies but you don’t watch the show because of the beginning of the first season. Well, you’re missing a lot but let me catch you up in my Agents recap.

When last we left off the agents wound up on a huge ship that was previously there’s but had been taken over by some evil (OK, misguided) Inhumans. Their leader, Daisy/Quake’s mother wanted to infect as many people as she could with the Terrigen mist to either kill people or turn them into Inhumans. What is the Terrigen mist you ask because you don’t watch the show? Don’t worry, you’ll understand what that is when the Inhumans film comes out in two or three years. For now just know that it activates some dormant mutant-like DNA (I said mutant-like DNA, 21st Century Fox Films. Don’t sue me). The finale had us believing that because the crystal fell into the water, then the water was populated by a bunch of fish which were caught by a boat and pressed of their oil, which in turn produced the fish oil supplements you and I take everyday, everybody would be infected, right? Right?

So, fast forward to this season and we open with a shot of some fish oil that someone has taken and has subsequently gotten powers. I guess somebody’s buying all of those dusty bottles of fish oil I see on the shelves because the newly made Inhuman runs around the street for a while trying to figure out why every time he touches metal it melts. No control over his powers, he runs into a containment group that is NOT from SHIELD and almost gets killed when the agency finally swoops in and rescues him. In isolation, Daisy informs the man that he’s an Inhuman and can never go back to his old life and he has the natural reaction of freaking out. That gets Quake to think that her love interest from last season should be here because he was way better at helping people transition.

Meanwhile, one-armed Coulson chases after this new power woman who is in charge of the opposing containment group. Apparently, as is hinted at in the final minutes, this new group answers directly to the president... or vice versa? Interesting. But neither Coulson nor the new lady knew that someone else was out there killing off Inhumans at an alarming rate. This mystery killer might have been found by Daisy, Mack and last season’s love interest as they had to fight a large indestructible porcupine-man in a hospital. I’m gonna let that last sentence sink in for you. This guy can apparently melt walls or something as he came, absorbed a few bullets, put his hand to a wall, made a big hole and escaped. The suspect actually looked more like this: 

(Good job ABC. This is the second time you’ve created a character reminiscent of Sonic the Hedgehog)

Oh, and what about that whole black obelisk thing that swallowed Simmons at the end of last season? Well, Fitz went overseas to get something he thought might solve the mystery of what it was and how to get her back if she was even still alive. Coulson gave a rundown of the crazy theories Fitz had chased after, including thinking she had shrunken into the micro-verse (there’s your Ant-man reference!). His latest idea was that the thing was, in fact, a black hole. Not even thinking about saving Matthew McConaughey’s Interstellar character, Fitz runs to the obelisk and orders it to do something, anything, but it does nothing. He even hits it—the standard fix for TVs and 90s VCRs and it still does nothing. But in the end, he is proven partially right as we see a glimpse of Simmons running around, presumably chased, on what looks like another planet judging from the skyline’s display of unfamiliar celestial bodies. Hence, she’s traveled through space and probably time to get somewhere out in Guardians of the Galaxy/Thor territory. Crazy, right?

So, what do you think this will mean for the show and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe? Do you agree with me and believe this may take the show farther into space and have them explore stuff possibly on other planets a la Stargate? Or do you think this will be resolved quickly and she’ll be back on earth? Or do you have a theory that this is earth but in some other time, perhaps the future or the far past? Or do you just not care at all? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Until next time, “if you think that’s somethin’ you should see the other guy.”

P.S. Yes, that one was old but it’s a good send-off for readers. No? You don’t think it is? Fine, I’ll come up with another one, but I’m running out of ideas here.

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