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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Leaves Are About To Turn Any Day, The Weather Is Getting Cooler And Hipsters Are Explaining Their Thesis On Why They Cut The Cord. Brace Yourselves People, It’s Fall Premiere Week! #PremiereWeek

The Leaves Are About To Turn Any Day, The Weather Is Getting Cooler And Hipsters Are Explaining Their Thesis On Why They Cut The Cord. Brace Yourselves People, It’s Fall Premiere Week! #PremiereWeek

Picture courtesy of the 2015 Emmys

Ahhh! I am so excited! As I said in an earlier post, I am back after my summer hiatus to blog and chat with you about TV with a few movies, books, cooking recipes and pop culture chat sprinkled in, and did I mention the season 1 finale of my episodic novella series The Writer (#TheWriter) will be releasing this Friday? Check it out and catch up on the entire season over at Amazon. So, with the season premiering, we have a lot to discuss on TV concerning shows both old and new. Let’s begin, shall we.

Dang it! What should I do first, people: the old school returnees or the new class of shows? Since you’re already familiar with the old school, let’s go over the new class (at least the one’s I’m interested in watching). 



Out of the over 100 new shows slated for the 2015-2016 season, CBS seems to have the fewest among the major channels. This probably stems from the fact that they rarely seem to cancel anything and still have the blob/goo monster that is the CSI franchise dominating their network. Speaking of which, it is slated to have a full season of CSI: Cyber which premiered back in March. I am not interested in that show unfortunately (or maybe it is fortunate. Frees up time). The two CBS shows I am interested in are: Limitless and Supergirl.
Since Supergirl won’t be premiering until October 28th (what? First they make us wait a year for Batman v. Superman, then they push Supergirl back to 3 days before Halloween? Not cool, Warner Bros.), I’ll focus currently on Limitless.

Picture courtesy of CBS and IGN

Based on the film starring Bradley Cooper, Limitless follows Brian Sinclair, an average Joe who, like Cooper’s character, winds up with a super pill that makes him a genius while he’s on it (think Meth except... well, nothing like Meth. Never mind). The question for the show, just like for the movie, will be: what will he do with this power? Do I feel an Uncle Ben reference coming on? Huh? Is he going to turn into Spider-man? Hey, don’t criticize my humor and wild assumptions. If you’ve seen the trailer for the show, you’d know that he has a little fire escape stunt that seems very familiar to a certain web slinger.

Why I’m Interested:
A sequel of sorts to the movie, Bradley Cooper’s character will appear in the show from time to time I guess as a sort of Mr. Miyagi to Brian. In a dual role, he’ll also serve as a producer to help this thing succeed. As a huge Alias fan back in the day, I am excited to finally see his return to TV even if it is only a pop-in every so often.

Aside from that, I find the premise enticing in that its not your typical genius or typical everyman but a hybrid mixture of both, whose “powers” fluctuate in and out depending on how often he takes the pill. Also, in the movie there was a big deal made about how he’d have to keep taking the pills or possibly die, so... that’s always fun. And it’s got Jennifer Carpenter in it whom I have secretly crushed on since she played Emily Rose during that exorcism movie—not the really famous one, but the other lesser famous one. No, not that one either, but the other one. I ain’t got time, look it up.

Hopefully, this can take the procedural buddy cop show love affair that TV has enjoyed since Moonlighting (and even earlier), and add a new flair to the case of the week premise.
Moving ON!

Speaking of TV series serving as sequels to films, Fox has Minority Report premiering this week. “What? But wait, what about the rest of the shows on CBS?” Sadly, I’ve never been a big fan of most CBS shows, therefore, I’m not interested in watching Angel From Hell, Code Black or Life In Pieces. Check back in January for my decision on Rush Hour.

Back to Fox. With a plethora of new shows, Minority Report looks to be an interesting sci-fi addition to the network. After quick cancellations of shows like Almost Human, and the horrific failure that was Utopia, along with a slew of other bad comedies and some not oft-watched comedies (I’m lookin’ at you Mindy Project), Fox wants to invest in some of the bigger names this season.

Starting with Minority Report, they’ll feed off the fact that it was a Spielberg-directed Tom Cruise-starrer that drew enough of a fanbase to earn a 7.7 IMDb rating even 14 years after its release. Spielberg is back, though only as an executive producer.

Starring Meagan Good as Lara Vega and Stark Sands as Dash, these two team together to fight crime as Dash, a pre-cog who can see crimes before they happen seeks to fit into society as a normal person. If you know anything from the movie, apparently Dash is the weakest pre-cog of the three used and is now an adult living in an era where what he used to do as a child is now illegal. Pre-crime, or arresting someone on a crime they haven’t yet, but will in the future commit is his everyday reality. Where as Brian is Spider-man, Dash is Kitty Pryde or Jean Grey from X-Men. You sneaky shows you, having superheroes without capes and cowls.

Why I’m Interested?
OK, there’s a lot here. To begin, the movie focused a bright light on not just the imperfect system of the pre-cogs and what they see, but also on the questionable morality of this new way of stopping crime. Now that it’s illegal or at least frowned upon, will that give this show an outlaw/vigilantism feel a la Batman? Will we want to root for Dash and his female cop friend for stopping the crimes even if people aren’t given the opportunity to change their mind and not commit the crime? Or will the show gloss over those things in favor of buddy cop shenanigans similar to Castle (I love Castle)?

Admittedly, fans should be leery as Fox has a habit of quickly axing sci-fi or anything they feel will push their budget to capacity. On the bright side, they’ve put this in a prime spot on Mondays paired with the strong Gotham returning for its second season. We’ll see how much of the futuristic technology they can incorporate.

Staying on Fox, Tuesdays will be packed with new shows to fill the slot left by the annexing of the Mindy Project. They’ll start with Grandfathered, headlined by Uncle Jesse—uh, I mean, John Stamos, and that fat kid that turned out to be Hollywood heartthrob hot (so I’ve been told by women), Josh Peck. Basically, a guy’s life is flipped upside-down when an illegitimate son shows up and tells him that he is also a grandfather. I am only hot and cold on this show as I haven’t seen enough advertisements about it, but I’ll tune in for the first three episodes when they premiere next week.

After that, they have the Grinder, starring Ben Savage and Rob Lowe, a show I know even less about outside of the fact that they’re lawyers in a small town. Someone mentioned a big fish in a small pond thing and it got me thinking about Robert Downey Jr.’s The Judge—probably not a good comparison. I feel the same about it as I do about Grandfathered. I’ll give it the first three episodes, but I can’t say I don’t see my interest already fizzling.

But then we go from the “eh!” category back to, “I’ve got to see this!” Filling out the rest of Tuesday is Scream Queens (not to be confused with the VH1 reality series from near a decade ago). You want young starlets? They got Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer (#Keeks), Lea Michele and Abigail Breslin. You want older stars? They got Jamie Lee Curtis and Niecy Nash. You want blood, guts, mayhem and all-around bitchiness? Who-hoooo-hooa! They got that. Scream Queens is set to follow a new year at Wallace University’s most popular Sorority house. After an unfortunate death rocked the campus 20 years ago, a sudden and new string of murders has come to grip the campus again.

Why I’m Interested?
From Ryan Murphy, creator of Amerian Horror Story (a favorite) and Glee (never quite got into it) and Nip/Tuck (loved the first two seasons then it fizzled), comes this little comedy horror gem (fingers crossed, here’s hopin’!) that, from what I’ve read will be another anthology series such as AHS but highly toned down in gore for network TV. I’m also excited to see it because I recently released my own horror revolving around sorority house horror entitled DARKER (#DARKER) currently out on Amazon. Much less humor, I’d like to see what commonalities we’ll have. And I’m always up for a good scare.

Next, we have Rosewood on Wednesdays which will have Empire as the follow-up in its sophomore season. More on that later. What about Rosewood? Well, I’m not really that jazzed about this show. Starring Morris Chestnut, who I highly enjoy in many of his movies, it’s a show about a pathologist who works with the police a lot. The crux or draw to get you to watch: he’s extremely close to death because of a rare birth defect with his heart. To that, I react with this:

Yeah, it seems just like another run-of-the-mill procedural cop show and with Minority Report and Limitless already on my new show card, not to mention the returning favorites, I’m not that excited about another case-of-the-week drama. While I’d love to support more minorities in good roles, I don’t see myself tuning into this until my mid-season slump/hunt to see if I missed something good.

Moving on!

Fox Thursdays is pretty much old hat, bringing back two old favorites in Bones and Sleepy Hollow. While I completely hate the move of Sleepy to Thursdays (yes, put all the black shows/female dominated shows on Thursdays as if Grey’s, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder and The Blacklist weren’t already enough), I do thank God and the creator of DVR almost everyday.

Fox Fridays will be a sort of shuffle day. They will start with returning shows Master Chef and World’s Funniest and throw whatever reruns tickle their fancy into those slots whenever desired. And, of course, Saturday is sports and Sunday is Animation Domination (yes, I still call it that even though Last Man on Earth is coming back along with Brooklyn-9-9). Unfortunately, I stopped watching most of that stuff long ago and only tune into Bob’s Burgers occasionally because I love the awkwardness of that family.

To sum up Fox, they seem to be playing fairly safe with their new shows banking on the cache of certain names or certain races of people (hint, hint every night has black people). However, it should be of note that Fox has always skewed both younger and/or more ethnically diverse ever since the days of In Living Color, so not much surprise there.


Speaking of younger skewing, next up is the CW—the dreaded Marcia of the Network TV Brady Bunch. Awkward and gawkish, the CW will continue to stay true to itself and see many returning shows including, The Flash, iZombie, Jane the Virgin, Arrow, Supernatural and a slew of others. Note that I only actually watch one show on CW which is The Flash—I came into Arrow too late for me to really enjoy it and don’t have time to catch up with it. The good news about the CW is that just about all of its shows are returning, so congratulations to the shows that got viewers to believe in them. The bad news is that because of all the returns of hour-long dramas and comedies, most of their new shows won’t premiere until mid-season or as a replacement of something that gets unexpectedly canceled. The even worse news is that the only show they do have coming out new is the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend which I will have to do a completely separate post on. Why? Because from the trailers and commercials I’ve seen of the show, it sounds a lot like my new book, “Yep, I’m Totally Stalking My Ex-Boyfriend” slated to come out in early October. I don’t know if I’ll watch this show yet but wait for a post maybe in a week or two talking about it more in depth as well as my book and why it matters that they look so similar.

As for the mid-season shows, again, wait until January.



Next, we have NBC. Where to begin with NBC? They have a slew of shows which are new and look good/are possible rip-offs of other things, and I cannot wait to see all the knock-off glory.

They start their Mondays with an old stand-by, The Voice. You know, that’s the one where the people sing and there’s the chairs and, uh... like... some other stuff. Competition! They move into their new show Blindspot at 10pm.

Starring Jaimie Alexander—the non-Wonder Woman, who should have been Wonder Woman who, instead, played Lady Sif in Thor—as a tatted-up Jane Doe found in a bag in the middle of Times Squares (Fabo from D4L would be proud; it’s an obscure rap reference. I ain’t got time, look it up!). She doesn’t know who she is or why she’s there but the tattoos are not just clues to crimes, but tell a story of who she is and her connection to the FBI agent who has been put in charge of her mystery. A lady Bourne Identity which was just a more specialized version of Dominic Purcell’s 2002 show John Doe, this will see the lovely Ms. Alexander as a kick-butt enigma knowing stuff but not knowing why. A mystery wrapped in a mystery, topped with a bubbling layer of cheese... and more mystery, this is sure to keep me guessing for at least as long as Red’s real identity on The Blacklist did.

Why I’m interested?
Oh! I guess I already explained that, didn’t I? Did I say that Jaimie Alexander is one of the 252 Hollywood women that I have a crush on and wouldn’t mind having babies with? I did say that? When? Just now? Gotcha! You readers are tricky.


Tuesdays will see more of The Voice followed by new shows Chicago Med and Best Time Ever with the returning Chicago Fire coming back in November to replace the latter show. While I am highly interested in the city of Chicago right now (“Yep, I’m totally stalking my Ex-Boyfriend” is set there), I haven’t watched any of the Chicago shows and am just not that interested in another medical show. Sorry, Chicago Med, I’m probably not going to watch you.

Best Time ever will also most likely get the cold shoulder as variety shows of this nature seem more YouTube clip-worthy than having me devote a full hour to view it.

Wednesdays will also be filled with returning shows, including a second season for the Mysteries of Laura, which I will be watching, and Law and Order SVU which I dabble in. Chicago P.D. Will end the night.
Then on Thursday is when things get interesting with two new shows sandwiching The Blacklist into the 9pm time slot (still don’t like it because it’s against Scandal, but it did alright there last year and my DVR came in handy). Up first, they’ll start the night with Heroes Reborn.

To start, I am surprised that NBC didn’t go for the kill ABC trifecta and switch Heroes Reborn to 9pm on Tuesday to go against Agents of SHIELD or move it all the way to Mondays at 10 (the first incarnations original slot) to go against CBS’s Supergirl come late October. If they had moved it to Tuesdays against SHIELD and moved Chicago Med to Thursdays, they could have an almost exact copycat night with ABC.
I digress. Heroes Reborn brings a renewed spin to the original show in which people were given superpowers because of some moon/sun eclipse thingy. As with most things involving superpowered people, it will be dealing with those who have the powers and those who want to destroy them, or capture them or do other such terrible things with them. The thing working against it is that, unlike Marvel’s shows, CW’s superhero universe, and even DC shows on Fox and CBS, Heroes Reborn neither has anything to connect it to something else nor does it really have a rich and long-standing source material. This may have been one of the reasons it originally got canceled. With the influx of superheroes now, it is hard to say whether this can stand above the rest of the crowd.

Why I’m Interested?
OK, by now fans of the original Heroes show can probably tell I wasn’t much of a fan the first time around (moon/sun eclipse thingy? Come on, Michael, do your research). You have to remember that the first one came out back before comic book adaptation hysteria kicked into overdrive. If felt too much like X-Men and I was never fully into X-Men. This time, I’m giving it a chance simply based off the fact that there was such fan support for it that NBC saw fit to bring it back. That doesn’t happen often, which means (it better mean!) that there was something good I just missed the first time around. We’ll see.

As said, The Blacklist follows that, but then another new show entitled The Player will air. Probably my most intriguing show of the fall, The Player looks similar to a TV idea I had way back in the 90s (maybe one day I’ll get to make it) entitled The Game. This rendition sees Wesley Snipes in all his Wesley Snipes-black glory returning to someplace other than prison for IRS and tax fraud. Ha ha ha! #TheShadeIsReal! But seriously, he doesn’t stray too far from the criminal element as he plays a broker/game executor who oversees a high-stakes gambling arena where the super wealthy gamble on crime. Yeah! Crazy, right? It totally just blew your mind and then you shrugged and said, “eh! I could actually see that happening.” Now you’re thinkin’, “holy crap! How is he readin’ my mind?” Hey, it’s just how I roll.

Philip Winchester will play the titular character who will be forced to complete complex tasks and stop crimes, while people bet on his ability to accomplish such charges. Forget figuring out How To Get Away With Murder, he’ll have to figure out how to save a life, who shot the sheriff, and who’s that lady week after week. It’s... just... a lot.

Why I’m interested?
Well, I finally get to see Wesley Snipes on TV—always been a very specific dream of mine. I also like the concept of the show as it will surely be challenging morally and seems to have a very Liam Neeson’s Taken kind of feel to it. If it can keep the intensity and pace each week while building up to a climax that would see the Player confronting this group of super wealthy people, I’m all in.

Then, in a strange and unconventional twist, NBC has decided to put two comedies on Friday after having abandoned their Must See Thursdays TV slogan they had back since Seinfeld first premiered, maybe longer than that. To add to the weirdness, their first comedy will be the returning Undateable, which I never watched but heard great stuff about. But, in a Drew Carey late 90s early 2000s spin on things, Undateable will be live... all season. Teh! Yeah, take that in for a moment. Not that live television is anything new, but the insignia of “live” is usually saved these days for award shows and reality competitions, or at the very least variety shows where flubs and mistakes from the script can actually endear us to an actor more (Hi, Jimmy Fallon!). Doing this with a scripted sitcom for longer than two episodes is a big risk, which could either pay off in massive dividends or crash and burn the sophomore comedy. Either way, well played Undateable. I am now intrigued to see where this is going.

The same can’t be said about the one new show on Fridays, Truth Be Told. Starring Saved By The Bell blonde kid not playing Saved By The Bell blonde kid (Mark Paul Gosselaar for you lames) and black bailiff from the highly underrated and even more under-watched Bad Judge, this show is about... uh... Well, there’s these two married guys and they... um... I’m sorry, is this a new age version of Seinfeld? I can’t for the life of me figure out what the hell this show is really about. It’s not about people falling in love. It’s not about a modern family. It’s not really about a group of friends struggling to be single in the big city either. So what the heck are they doing? A tee-hee, I don’t know but Vanessa Lachey is on it, so... that’s somethin’.

NBC rounds out the night with Grimm (my fave) and their usual Dateline which then oozes over into both Saturday’s and Sunday’s schedule when football isn’t on. From the list of shows, it seems like NBC is trying to at least appeal to the current trend of superheroes, as well as inject some more minorities into their line-up with The Player, Truth Be Told and Chicago Med. Baby steps.


And Finally, we have ABC. Oh, ABC, my beloved. What shows shall you enamor me with this season only to cancel them before I’ve had time to truly enjoy the bounty of their stories and the richness of their characters? Why do I return to you, my love, when ill-will and scars remaining from shows taken before their time are fated between us? What new heights shall I soar to on the back of twisty, turning good shows? What unforeseen and unmitigated depths shall I sink when a show I’ve long anticipated turns out to be terrible and bland? Only time shall tell, I suppose.

We begin with Mondays slate of shows. Two old familiars return with Dancing With The Stars #DWTS already started and Castle (#Castle) premiering tonight. For what it’s worth I so enjoy both shows but can see how some fans have tired on both of them. I mean, how long can people make the life of a writer interesting, am I right? Oh, wait...

Tuesday is where we see our first drop of new blood, though, technically its just old blood but with a new and tighter face. The Muppets, after making their movie return a few years back, return to the small screen and boy is it looking to be controversial for the first few episodes as news broke earlier this summer about Kermit and Ms. Piggy breaking up. OK, honestly I am probably not going to watch the show but, come on, who didn’t see the two of them breaking up? It’s been how many years he’s been hoppin’ on that and he hasn’t put a ring on it yet to make her a Mrs. (that was a little dirty wasn’t it)? With all joking aside, it’ll be in the half hour time slot right before sophomore comedy Fresh Off The Boat. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is holding steady in its third season at 9pm as mentioned before while ABC will slot a new show at 10pm. The new show, Wicked City won’t start until October after a few weeks of Beyond The Tank, but I’ll talk about it here as it is supposed to start soon enough.

Admittedly, I haven’t seen or read much about Wicked City. It doesn’t seem to be that hyped of a show by the network which is generally a bad sign, but I’ll tune in for the first three anyway. What’s looking like it could be an anthology series in the vein of American Crime, it is a modern period piece set in 1982 LA where music and hard drugs mingle into murder and mystery. It has a few recognizable names to it if you watch enough TV/Film like Ed Westwick and Taissa Farmiga, but other than that it seems to be a big mystery.

Why I’m Interested?
Again, I’m not stoked to see it but I will tune in as it promises to be a harder, darker-toned look at crime that will break from the normal cop procedural symptoms and look at the crimes from all sides like American Crime did. That is not to say I was enthralled with American Crime but found it decent for network TV.

Bewegen auf!

Wednesday stays completely the same for now with every single sitcom coming back and the night ending with Nashville. Of course, viewers will look forward to ABC’s click and news-cycle baiting Black-ish premiere that will highlight the use of the dreaded N-word. To that I say, I enjoy watching Nashville.

Onward to Thursday, which also will see a seismic shift in absolutely none of its programming. The same line-up of Grey’s (I wrote something up on that, concerning Ellen Pompeo’s comments earlier this summer), Scandal (prepare thyself #gladiators #Scandal) and How To Get Away With Murder. With the latter going into its second season, each show has proven to be a ratings juggernaut on Thursdays as compared against NFL numbers. We’ll see how viewers and Grey’s core fans respond to the aftermath of the whole Derek fiasco.

Friday also doesn’t show much new programming as ABC is still trying to rebuild its TGIF of the 90s with Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing starting the night. While I thought Reba McEntire’s Malibu Country from, like, two years ago was a worthy coupling to Tim’s zany aging white man troupe, the network has decided to add a middle-aged Asian man and his family to the mix.

Coming to 8:30pm ABC Fridays is Dr. Ken, replacing last season’s Cristela which felt like it would have gone great with CW’s Jane the Virgin if made into a one-camera format. Dr. Ken will follow popular “that one Asian guy in that funny movie” actor Ken Jeong as he brings a funnier, fantasized version of his real life before fame when he was just a lowly super-educated doctor. A “what could have been” look at his life, it’ll be your standard family sitcom focused on upwardly mobile Americans.

Why I’m Interested?
Well, out of all the new shows coming out, I am probably the most mixed about this one. From one vantage point, I really want to see this to see if Ken Jeong’s humor not only translates well back to TV (he’s been a little dirtier in the films and was only a tertiary character on Community) but also to see if he’ll be able to adequately play both the straight man and the set-up guy as is generally required in sitcoms. On the other hand, I feel this show doesn’t have the full network backing as it is being placed in a black hole of a slot. See, I feel like if ABC is going to bring back TGIF—as they already have TGIT—then go all out with it. Move one of the successful Wednesday sitcoms to Friday after Tim, move Fresh Off The Boat and The Muppets also so that you can then have Shark Tank earlier in the week. By toe-dipping, they make me think they don’t have faith in the property.

Saturdays will stay open for films, sports and specials as usual, but Sundays will see the rise of two new shows. Just like Last Man Standing, ABC execs have been looking for something to compliment Once Upon A Time (#OUAT) and Revenge. Now that Revenge has been served... its walking papers, only OUAT remains with America’s Funniest Home Videos still in the 7pm spot for those that watch it. While AFV will have new host Alfonso Ribeiro, he will not be the only new, black addition.

That’s right, they’re adding black gold, oil to be precise. At 9pm will follow probably my third most anticipated show of the fall, Blood and Oil. Centered around a young couple that travel to North Dakota to strike it rich in oil, and the preying family they intersect with on their search for riches, this is bound to be a twisty, turny, backstabbing soap drama that has been missing since the first season of Revenge (though I enjoyed all 4 seasons). With Don Johnson attached as the baron, rich guy standing in the way of the young couple’s hustle, I am highly intrigued.

Why I’m Interested?
For the past few years, I have been watching Dynasty on DVD. One of the two shows to drive the 80s wild with its opulence, high fashion and over-the-top catfights—sorry, lady quarrels—it showed that rich people could be just as deceptive, mean, conniving and cutthroat as the people at the bottom, they just look better doing it. That, coupled with Dallas, ignited a need for the nighttime soap outside of procedurals and doctor shows. If Blood and Oil can channel even a hint of those shows or the modern day Dynasty (Empire), I’m in for at least half a season. It’s lily whiteness will not be a problem for me.

Speaking of the whitest show we know, ABC made an interesting choice following Blood and Oil up with Quantico. Let me just get my TV exec playing hat out for a second and say that from everything I’ve seen so far of Quantico, it feels more like a Tuesday at 10pm show to me for ABC. Listen, if you watch enough TV and tune yourself into the mood of networks and of the viewing people, you can tell that some shows should air on certain days of the week. Quantico finishing off the Sunday schedule doesn’t seem like a brilliant choice as it looks a little too involved plot-wise for viewers winding down their weekend and looking to focus on work the next day. Then again, AMC had Breaking Bad and HBO has Game of Thrones and True Detectives but it should be noted that those shows were either in the summer or had far shorter seasons than what is expected of Quantico. The only way I see this being a good day for it is if it brings back memories of Alias. But again, I digress.

Quantico, led by the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra, will follow a new class of recruits to the FBI’s famed Quantico training facility. You’ll see them grow and becoming the agents they will be in the future. Then (and this is where a full season of this might make some viewers weary on Sunday nights), the show will hit us with a dual narrative as we jump forward in time to see that one of the recruits has pulled off “the biggest terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11.” Gasp! Yeah, I know. Similar to HTGAWM, you’ll spend much of the season trying to figure out who it is while also getting wrapped up in the romance drama.

Why I’m Interested?
For one, it shows that the networks are reaching out so far into diversity now that they’ve actually put an Indian woman as the lead on a show. For that, I applaud them, especially knowing that at some point a great deal of viewers will mistake her for Middle-Eastern. I am also interested in the whodunnit aspect of the show as this will cause me to hate everybody and nobody at the same time. Paradoxical! And if it does end up having parallels with Alias, I’m all for that as well. The one thing I don’t want is for it to become another FlashForward in which the action slows down to such a crawl mid-season when things are supposed to be getting more intense that the writers suddenly have no plans for season two and leave everything too tidy while not solving the main mystery. Solve the main mystery of who did it, but in doing that, present us with a secondary mystery for next season.

Well, there it is. There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. A very long post, for a very long season ahead of us beginning later on tonight. So, what new shows are you eager to see? What old shows are you going to tune in for? Are there some old shows that you’ve finally given up on in favor of that new hussy? Or are you upset that your new show isn’t listed and isn’t coming on until later in the season? Don't be afraid to include any new cable shows you think are going to be amazing. I need to know your thoughts. I need to know them now! Questions, comments and, more comments down below.

As always, check out my books on Amazon (if you’re looking for Halloween scares check A Furious Wind, DARKER, Brand New Home or The Power of TEN. For those interested in something a little more dramatic, check out The Writer. The final episode of season one of The Writer is coming this Friday. All other 14 episodes are out now available exclusively on Amazon. Join us on Goodreads to talk about books and TV, and subscribe to my blog.
Until next time, “I watched every show! Every single episode. I’m all caught up and I feel superb! I watched every show.”

P.S. Sure, my sign off just happened to be lines from Andy Samberg’s Emmys opening last night. So! It still applies to me. Come on ask me anything? Actually, don’t ask me about The Walking Dead... or Fear The Walking Dead... or True Detective... or what happened on Big Brother. Crap! I gotta go see if Mr. Samberg has room in his Under The Dome/Lost dungeon hatch.

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