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Friday, September 25, 2015

My Bonnie Lies... and Kills and sleeps with younger man, while Annalise Likes the Older Ladies. The Insanity is Real. How To Get Away With Murder is Back #HTGAWM #PremiereWeek

My Bonnie Lies... and Kills and sleeps with younger man, while Annalise Likes the Older Ladies. The Insanity is Real. How To Get Away With Murder is Back #HTGAWM #PremiereWeek

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Wow! Along with Empire, How To Get Away With Murder's (#HTGAWM) premiere was probably the best. There was a whole lot of drama, sneaky, twisty, turn-y goodness that I’m sure a lot of us fans didn’t see coming, and some stuff that is sure to send a few long-time viewers into a tizzy and earn Viola Davis at least another Emmy nomination. We’ll see if the writers can scrounge up some love come this time next year.

To start, everyone wanted to know who killed Rebecca. Cute little grunge rocker Rebecca caused so much trouble last year for Annalise, her team and her students that anyone within the group could have killed the girl just out of spite. And that was exactly what happened. After Annalise and Frank spent half the episode trying to figure out if Wes or one of the other kids did it, Frank finally made his decision that it was his past girlfriend/bunk buddy Laurel who killed her. But by that time, Annalise had already figured out the real killer was Bonnie. We all should have known that this quiet little white woman always giving everybody the side-eye and looking like a defective model of the Stepford Wives was doing dirt just from the fact that she slept with Asher. I mean Asher... really? And she had kissed on Sam once before. And I thought that swerve Asher gave her was a thing of wonder and beauty. Whatever they did that night must not have been too impressive to him or he knew she was screwed up because he did not want to go to her house for more.

Why did Bonnie kill the girl? Because she was an inconvenience. She knew too much, they couldn’t keep her on a leash and Wes would end up doing her bidding like the little errand boy he is. Speaking of Wes, he got all bold and hostile with Anna last night when he showed up late to her class, then told her he wanted her to pass him over on a question. He searched for old dead girl but still couldn’t find her, giving that up after he and Annalise talked.

Apparently, all that teenage angst he showed served no other purpose but to get Annalise even more hot and bothered for him than she hinted at being last season. It culminated in her rubbing down his body in a club. Listen black kid from Harry Potter, she’s too old for you, you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re going to get hurt. And I’m not just talking emotional scars, either. Mrs. Keating looks like the kind of woman that will have you bring a pack of red bulls and make you do your stretches before you come to her bedroom. Enter at your own peril.

As if Annalise had just one place to turn for satisfaction, the producers threw a wrench at us all when they had Famke Janssen arrive as an old law school friend. She was called to defend Annalise’s ex-cop boyfriend from having to go away for Sam’s murder—secret lover vs. jealous husband always plays—but refused to take the case when she learned of Lise’s set-up of the man. But everything was made alright when Anna went to visit her and they explored some wounds left behind. Apparently, they were more than just friends and put each other to bed circa J. Holiday 2007. Now, I’m well and fine with LGBT characters as I have some in my own books, but just so we’re clear, can we get a solid history sheet of each character on the show? I mean, is everybody gay or bisexual? Or is it just the minority characters? Also as a side note can you believe Famke is going to be 51 and Viola is 50. Yet Hollywood has a problem. Check my article later about what Anne Hathaway said a few weeks ago.

Finally, there was the case of the week which will turn into the case of the season as two adopted children are charged with killing their billionaire parents a la the Menendez brothers. First, the gang had to get their current lawyer thrown off the case by leaking him footage so clearly doctored they shouldn’t have even bothered. Then Annalise took over. And finally, we saw a shot of the real big mystery of the season as Annalise lay dying in the very house of those children a few months down the road and Wes running away like always.

Who stabbed Annalise? What craziness will this season bring? Who is going to wear the other out in the bedroom first, Annalise or Wes? And were you shocked by the whole Annalise is bisexual twist they threw at us last night? Do you love it, do you hate it? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Until next time, “you is kind and you is important.”

P.S. Words from the movie The Help? Yes. Remember, without it we probably don’t have this show. We can all use a little help sometimes. I think it fits. Oh, so you don’t like that one either? But... but... fine. I’ll think of something else.

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