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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Am Zaardon And The Passcode Is “BRUCE” #Gotham #PremiereWeek

I Am Zaardon And The Passcode Is “BRUCE” #Gotham #PremiereWeek

All pictures courtesy of FOX

So, there was a heck of a lot of TV going on last night and I still haven’t decided how I’m going to cover the new shows. I have been debating whether the new shows I’m interested in will get an individual post for each episode or if I’ll do a first three episode summary and my ultimate judgment on whether I’ll continue watching them or not. For now, I’ll just cover a few of the old returnees, and as you can see, we’ll start with Gotham (#Gotham).

In my opinion, Gotham whimpered back last night. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of stuff happened, but it wasn’t as “umph!” as I might like. However, the fact that it is a season premiere is the big reason why I will excuse that as this looks to be an amazing season.

It opened with Bruce and Alfred still looking into that cave they found behind the fireplace. The nosy little boy he is, he had to get that door open. Remembering that this is not the all-out genius detective Bruce will one day become, I still found it a little ridiculous that he would decide to build his own bomb and blow the door open, rather than taking a strip of clear tape and lifting the fingerprints from the most used numbers on the keypad. But the bomb making will come in handy too. Strangely, it looked nothing like a clock. Huh.

Meanwhile, Gordon suffered through his own version of Breaking Bad or the latest episode of The Writer (#TheWriter) after he was fired from police duty for touching an officer who showed up late for work. The fact that the guy even told on him shows just how ridiculous the cops in this show can get. While Gordon struggled to figure out what was right for him to do—go and collect a debt for Penguin of whom he asked a favor—crazy Barbra managed to get a phone in Arkham Asylum and called him and his new girlfriend.

Adjusting quite well to her new residence in Arkham, Barbra befriended Jerome (our supposed future joker and current redheaded Dennis the menace), as well as some rich guy with not a single lick of back story. Didn’t matter because he refused to be a criminal under another criminal mastermind who seeks to bring total anarchy to the city. The white guy let his black sister (oh no! Somebody call the people who complained about the Fantastic Four’s race discrepancy) gut him in front of Barbra and Jerome.

Oddly, this new big menace was the same guy speaking at Commissioner Loeb’s forced retirement—a favor the commissioner owed to Penguin for sparing his life... and his head (shocked that the FCC let FOX get away with a severed head in the eight o’clock hour). This a favor to Gordon from Penguin, Jim not only got reinstated to detective but also saw his black lady boss become the new commissioner.

All that acted as setup for the season as now a slew of villains will be let loose and puppeteered by this new guy, and revenge from Barbra and Loeb is sure to come. From some of the internet’s theories and rumors circulating, many are saying that Barbra will turn into Harley Quinn as she and Jerome already get along swimmingly. While I can see that in some respects, I’m not sure if Warner would want to do that so close to Suicide Squad releasing. For one, while viewers of the cartoon are well aware of her background, most people are not, especially those who didn’t read the comics after the 90s. Muddying her origin story on the show, then introducing an entirely different background in the film could make people hate both as the disparity in age between the two was always a key aspect of her character. Also, Barbra still seems too put together to become as loony as Harley needs to be. We’ll see if her character devolves into lunacy on par with Jerome, but for now I wouldn’t like this idea.

Probably the biggest thing from this episode that actually ticked me off was its still unresolved spirit of what it wants to be. Does it want to stay completely grounded in reality or will it venture into the paranormal, bizarre and magical which could introduce some of Batman’s stranger villains like Clayface and Killer Croc. This, evidenced by the use of some strange potion imbibed by Zaardon. No, not Zordon the Power Rangers’ pale white benefactor and mentor, but a cheap, costumed villain who Gordon arrested at the beginning of the episode. The potion turned out to be a smoke bomb of some sort that magically went off at the most convenient time for an Asylum break. My reaction: “Really? He just happened to kill over and die from the potion at the same exact time the villains came to get Jerome, Barbra and the others? Well, OK. If you say so, Gotham.”

Still, I had fun and it’s nice to see that they’re building on character—is it too early to say that I suddenly like the kid playing Bruce and could totally see him growing into Batman?

Anyway, what did you all think about the season two premiere of Gotham? Did it not have enough action for you? Are you disappointed in the background they’re building for the Joker (I always liked his mystic and the fact that he had no reason for his evilness; sometimes bad is just bad)? Do you think Loeb will return for revenge or is he forever off the show now? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Hint: click where it reads “no comments” to comment.

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Until next time, “ridin’ through the six in my popemobile, just ridin’ through the six makin’ hope so real.”

P.S. OK, maybe I made that up. It was about time I made up a good sign-off, right? So what if it’s a play on Drake’s song lyrics. According to Meek, he didn’t even write them. And just because I’m not pope doesn’t mean I don’t have a popemobile. Alright, fine, I keep workin’ on it.

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