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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Who knows? The Shadow knows. #SleepyHollow #DVRRewind #FOX

Who knows? The Shadow knows. #SleepyHollow #DVRRewind #FOX

All pictures courtesy of FOX

What a busy week for me. Not only was I doing the last dot your i's and cross your t's edit on Yep, I'm Totally Stalking My Ex-Boyfriend (#AhStalking) out now, I had so much TV to watch, some fall gardening to do, and some other books to read on top of all the blog entries and other news I had to keep up with, let alone my exercise routine. So much stuff that I'm hitting you all with not just one but a few DVRRewinds this weekend and I still have yet to decide if I'm going to do one for The Flash's season premiere or the third week of Nashville. Too. Many. Shows. But, I'm trying to juggle as much of the entertainment world as I can right now so bare with me as I get to some of the stuff I missed.

For this week, I have Sleepy Hollow (#SleepyHollow) in my DVRRewind. That's right, I am one of the few millions that still watch and enjoy Sleepy Hollow even after they killed Orlando Jones (aka the Black guy), brought him back to life, turned him evil and killed him again all in one season! Ahh! They killed the Asian dude in the first season and they killed Ichabod's wife last season after turning her evil too, which I found to be straight disrespectful but I digress. Anyway, they returned with their season premiere on Fox last week and I hadn't gotten around to watch the first two episodes until last night. Interestingly enough, their move to FOX Thursdays at 9pm hasn't effected them in the ratings that much as they were always a lower-rated show. With FOX being cancel-happy with anything new and out of the box that doesn't involve people under the age of 24 (fingers crossed for Minority Report?), I'm surprised this has stayed on for as long as it has.

Pandora's so evil and a hell of a gardener
Moving on to episode two, this week saw Ichabod dealing with another conjured minion of Pandora (yes, the one with the crazy box for those of you not initiated into the insanity of this show. I ain't got time. Look it up!) From what we learned in the season opener, as the two witnesses supposedly prophesied in the bible, Ichabod and Abbie have only gone through one test of seven (complete mess of the Revelation prophecy but we've all accepted that at this point). Now comes their second test, Pandora. After the strange fear-paralyzing creature she summoned last week, this week she hit them up with a shadow creature that surrounds you with darkness and extracts from you, in your state of horrified petrification, a deep secret. This often leads to your death in some way as the two men the shadow performed this on died from a heart attack or a car accident.

While I enjoy this show, I will say that this is one of the most ebb and flowing shows I've ever seen on TV. It will be incredibly hot one week and incredibly cold the next. That being said, I enjoyed the season premiere more than I have most season premieres from my other established favorite shows. This week's episode seemed like the biggest throwaway episode I've seen since Breaking Bad's fly episode (I know it was supposed to be a metaphor but whatever). Though this shadow is supposed to be extracting secrets from people, the show never really gets around to revealing what those secrets were, concerning itself instead with Ichabod and Abbie's secrets, which is fine, but makes me wonder why the heck Pandora sent the shadow after the other three people in the first place.

Then there's Abbie's sister doing this dance of "caring" with the long-dead sheriff's son who just surfaced to look through his dad's things. What? The sheriff literally got beheaded by the headless horseman on the first or second episode of the series... back in 2013. Not only that but the premiere featured a time jump of nine months since their last adventure in season two's finale. It has got to be at least a year and a half after his death. Why is he here now? Sure, he made brief appearances in the past but one would think that he could have either moved on by now or they would have made him a series regular long ago. Doesn't seem quite right for him to be around now. Anyway, he got kidnapped in exchange for an artifact--the eye of Anubis, I believe--and Abbie's sister rescues him.

Finally, they have the newest Black guy love interest that networks seem to be plug and playing, Lance Gross. I say that because last year Grey's Anatomy on ABC inserted him as a 4 or 5 episode love interest for Meredith's sister. Now he's in as the new head over Abbie in her FBI post (a big step up from when she was at the deputy's office) even though they went through Quantico together. Is she gonna hit that at some point in the season? I would say yes, because if there has been anything more noticeable in this show than how little sex Ichabod and Abbie have each had, it is... uh. Well, there isn't anything more noticeable on the show than that.

So far Pandora has caused nothing but trouble, which now that I think about it is her main thrust but that's all she's done. Outside of sending a shadow monster easily defeated by calling out his name Marcus Collins (can you believe that? Yeah, that's his name. Marcus Collins. That's just as bad of a name for an evil being as Gerald was for the furry foot-eating monster that lived under my bed when I was little), she's shown off not a hint at a plan outside of growing a tree. Basically Pandora is Johnny Appleseed only more evil. A bad episode? Can't say it was their best, or even close to their average. It was below average, but that just means that next week's will probably blow me away.

What did you think? Do you watch this show? Are you happy with the way it's going with Abbie and Ichabod both getting new love interests and keeping away from each other's bed? What do you think Pandora has in store for them? Let me know in the comments below.

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Until next time, “my daddy still alive? What? ”

P.S. Was anyone else's mind blown when Abbie said her father was still alive? Yeah, neither was mine. As with most absentee father's he's become just some old guy sitting in a park, feeding the birds. Wait, there were no birds? Aww, that's even sadder.

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