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Friday, October 16, 2015

How Not To Defend A Sociopath #HowToGetAwayWithMurder #HTGAWM #ABC #TGIT

How Not To Defend A Sociopath #HowToGetAwayWithMurder #HTGAWM #ABC #TGIT

All pictures courtesy of ABC 

Episode four of the second season of How To Get Away With Murder (#HTGAWM) aired last night and boy was it crazy as far as the client goes. With the season now well on its way, many of the shows both old and new are settling into what they will be and the tone they'll set for this season, and while some shows have changed their modus operandi (cough *Blacklist* cough; doesn't mean it's not good because it is still really good), others have stayed the course giving us the good twisty, drama we all want. How To Get Away With Murder fits squarely in the latter category.

Opening with the flashforward of Annalise's possible death after being shot or stabbed in the house of her rich clients, the kids sans-Asher as usual, hopped into the cop's car after he found them on the side of the road. This only after they fled the scene from the mansion where they left Mrs. Keating to die in a pool of her own blood. Who shot or stabbed her is still up for debate and will remain so for much of the season as did her husband's murderer last season. What they have given us as viewers is the fact that her cop ex-boyfriend who she tried framing for Sam's death is now on the kids' side. Not only does he help with their escape in the flashforward, but he also helps Wes find the dead girl that Bonnie killed on the first episode of this season/season finale of last season weeks prior to Annalise's life-threatening injury. Does he believe Annalise killed Rebecca? I'd actually say the jury's still out on that, but he does think something suspicious is going on.

Speaking of Nate, his dying-in-a-hospital wife gets the courage to call her husband's mistress and invite Annalise in for a bedside visit. Is this to yell at her and curse her out? No, actually she wants to ask the woman a very important question: will Annalise help her commit suicide. Just a few pills stolen by her guy Frank and she'd slip off into oblivion. As much as it looks like she considers it throughout the episode, even daring to zone out a few times and get sloppy on her current case, Annalise doesn't take the woman up on the offer. Too smart for that, she surely knows that not only would it be morally and ethically wrong but if she did get the pills, she would only be showing that both her and her main grease guy Frank are capable of heinous crimes such as murder. She even goes so far as to tell the cop about the proposal, not that they're on the best of terms.

Speaking of her current case, it was juicy. A teenage girl convicted of killing her best friend in a brutal stabbing attack, the girl poses the murder as something she was peer pressured into doing by two other popular girls. A classic case of in-crowd syndrome, the two girls grew up together and were like sisters until the dead one started being noticed by the "popular girls." A kind heart, she dragged her best friend along with her but didn't realize that her BFF would be so obsessed with trying to fit in with the cool crowd that she would become a life-model robot, bending to the will of her feminine overlords regardless of what they said. The group started to turn on the dead, kind girl and pressured her manipulated BFF into stabbing her over 50 times somewhere in the woods.

One of the few people not distracted and with good sense working the case, Laurel suspects the girl of lying. She confiscates her phone to reveal a few videos in which the girls bragged about killing the fourth girl, Annalise's client even going so far as to suggest their next victim, a teacher who gave her a C. Still loving their daughter, her parents order the recording buried by Annalise but only after Connor has already sent a copy of the recording to the prosecution. His conviction: he's tired of seeing murder treated as if it were normal. The recording coupled with the testimony of one of the girls makes the accused flip out and scream in the courtroom how both of the so-called popular girls were basic 'B's that weren't worth anything before she made them interesting. She was the mastermind behind the crime the entire time (did that just rhyme? Ooo, I think I'm still doing it. Aww, I lost it. Never mind). 

No, we aren't sleeping together. 

One of the few cases Keating actually loses, she gets good news on the other overarching case of the season with the adopted siblings suspected of offing their parents. In what is only legal incest (not the real thing. Damn that sounds creepy. Uck!), the two adopted siblings were accused of having an affair. Annalise sent Michaela to test the boy to see if he showed any interest in her, though only bisexual, gay and agenda-plying men have ever looked her way. The good news comes when the young woman admits she is a virgin which they then have proved by a doctor. But for every one good thing, Annalise has a bad thing follow. She sees Wes and the cop speaking in the parking lot. Wes thinks he found Rebecca's body in a cemetery where Frank's brother works as groundskeeper. Only the fourth episode of the season and there's been more scheming, plotting and backstabber-y than you could brandish a gun at.

What do you think? Have you been having a hard time keeping up with all the twists and back-biting? Are you a little ticked I didn't mention the thing with Asher? Do you think they'll find Rebecca's body? And who do you killed (no, not Annalise, though feel free to write your theories below) the prosecuting attorney with whom Asher is working? Let me know in the comments below (hint: click the no comments button if you see no comments).

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Until next time, “It's taken some work but I finally have 'em, the worst of the worst."

P.S. Yes, ladies and gentlemen and nerds everywhere, their are only five and a half months left before Batman V. Superman comes out which means we can officially start the countdown for Suicide Squad also. And although that's not a good sign-off for me every time, it reminded that Will Smith and Viola Davis are in that movie. Yeah!

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