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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Nothing’s Impossible on Bailey’s first day, but is anybody going to cut that cake? #GreysAnatomy #ABC #TGIT

Nothing’s Impossible on Bailey’s first day, but is anybody going to cut that cake? #GreysAnatomy #ABC #TGIT

All pictures courtesy of ABC

After my post last week about the changes to Grey’s and my disdain for Ellen Pompeo’s defense of the way they treated the character of Derek Shepherd, the show has come back as strong as it could with loyal viewers still tuning in for lack of anything else really to watch (although Heroes Reborn is looking interesting. Stay tuned for my three week roundup of that show later). While it feels the same, it also feels quite different as the writers and crew have run with the female empowerment angle of the show, completely abandoning the romance that once drew viewers in—I still think that’s a mistake and has thusly numbered Grey’s remaining days but power to them. Shooing away all of that, Grey’s Anatomy (#GreysAnatomy) is back and with a new chief.

The first day of Bailey’s run as Chief of surgery started with a bang. Not only has she drawn a line in the sand about just how strict of a chief she plans to be, she also chastised a gathering of the old familiar surgeons as they planned a congratulatory party. And her first case as chief: a giant woman with a pituitary gland tumor. The tumor has caused the young lady—a philanthropist seeking to bring the internet to remote places of Africa for the first time ever—to grow to a height of seven feet two inches and counting. She’s growing so fast that her body is having a difficult time keeping up.

To display her power, Bailey pulls a few heads of departments from their already busy surgery schedule to work on her general surgery case. Not only does she prioritize that case but just about all of her own cases, delegating the work to the underlings who don’t know what they’re doing. Will they solve this woman’s problem and perform brain surgery on her before she dies? Of course, but that’s not without a few near casualties as she collapses in the foyer of the hospital, crushing Alex’s old lady.

Meanwhile, because Arizona sees strange markings, pimples, bumps and bruises on April’s back, and she just came back from overseas in a third world country, she is put into quarantine until they can figure out what she has. At first it looks like chickenpox or poison ivy but it turns out to be a skin irritation.

The funniest thing is that Bailey pushes her people so hard it re-conjures her nickname from the first season “The Nazi” in a scene amongst the heads of surgery that is so bizarre that it reminds the audience of just how new the show purports to be. Looking at the cast, the standards we once loved are either dead (on the show) or moved on to other things. What we’re left with is the new crop of doctors which, though they’ve been around for a few seasons now, aren’t the journey we originally signed up for. The love, romance and adult coming-of-age story Grey’s once gave us is all but gone save for the relationship between April and Avery (who reaches the same conclusion I did a few seasons ago about his relationship with April), and the “it’s complicated” new budding romance between Owen and Shepherd (Derek’s sister). Weber is all pissed that Bailey didn’t come to him for advice and apparently Callie has a new love interest.

With the giant lady surgery not going well, Weber gives Bailey just the pep talk she needs when she wants to quit the first day and things turn around. That doesn’t mean her patient gets better as the giant philanthropist lady ends up in a brief coma before finally awaking. A little more kissy-face between Owen and Shepherd, an appointment to chief of general surgery for Meredith and another non-original, slow remix of a popular song (Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”) and we arrived at the end.

It was a good episode but didn’t feel focused on anything. The surgery was brief. Bailey was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. And the main focus which was supposed to be on Bailey’s first day as chief and her shortcomings and over-eagerness at times got lost. Of course, my question almost the entire episode arose from my life as a rather husky (read fat) boy. They had a congratulatory cake at the beginning that they just left out. What the hell happened to that cake? I’m so serious right now, literally asking this as I am forking through a broiled chicken salad. Sigh!

What do you think? Are you an absolute fan of Avery and April? Did you think Bailey rocked out her first day as chief? Is Owen and Shepherd’s “complicated” driving you crazy? Do you also want to know about what the heck happened to that cake? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Until next time, “I just wanna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. Shake it off! Shake it off!”

P.S. Listen, I’m all for the slow-it-down and then it’s cooler remixes of popular songs, but I remember when Grey’s featured new music from new artists just coming into the spotlight. It added to the charm. How about a return to that? Still, love me some Taylor Swift.

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