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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Is The Grimm-est Holiday #Grimm #NBC

Halloween Is The Grimm-est Holiday #Grimm #NBC

All pictures courtesy of NBC 

NBC's Grimm (#Grimm) is back after last year's craziest season ever. With so much going on last season, it was difficult to figure out where they'd go with the story after exploding a few plots into oblivion. For those that can't remember what happened, let's recap.

Nick, for a while at the beginning of last season, wasn't a Grimm anymore. He lost his powers due to a spell cast on him by Adalind who also slept with him while disguised with her witch powers to be his wife Juliette. Through another potion, Juliette was able to literally sex the Grimm back into Nick but not without turning into a Hexenbeast herself. Trubel, the other Grimm girl, came back into town talking about some secret organization and the royals who control all of these monsters. Adalind wound up pregnant with Nick's baby, Juliette hated him for that even though it was explained countless times that it wasn't his fault, everyone was searching for Adalind's first child that Nick's mom was supposed to be keeping safe and the royals sent multiple guards to find the baby as the baby was also a royal by blood. The season ended with the baby being taken, Nick's mom's head being cut off and gifted in a box to him a la Seven, the Asian cop finally finding out about Nick, Juliette losing her mind and burning down Nick's trailer with all the Grimm history inside, and Trubel shooting Juliette with a bow and arrow twice in the back to stop her from killing Nick.

Fast forward to this season, as Nick is lamenting his wife's dying breath, some other organization shows up and starts taking people. The same group that took Trubel before and informed her of the shadow organization that wanted to know if she was a Grimm or not (still haven't a clue about what they do), some FBI lady came in with the group and instructed them to take everyone. The next day Nick awakes to find Trubel gone, his dying wife Juliette gone, his mother's head-in-a-box gone and the house cleaned. Not only is he confused about why they'd take all the ladies and lady heads, but he can't remember what happened after they came into the room.

The Grimm Identity (the name of this season's premiere episode) played similar to the Blindspot or Bourne Identity--what they were going for. The whole episode sees Nick running around from his police station with his partners and the captain, to Monroe, to the FBI field office where the lady works. No one knows if they should believe him or not and the only one who does know what happened that night is the lady who isn't too forthcoming with information. Like any law-abiding cop would do, he kidnaps the woman and demands to know where she took Trubel.

Meanwhile, his partner Hank and his captain along with the Asian cop all question his story. They do some digging to find that the woman does work for the FBI and they find where she lives for Nick. While they're trying to help him out in as correct of a way as possible, he pushes forward like a bull, stomping from one place to the next and making himself look like a fool. In the midst of all of this back and forth of "is Nick telling the truth or making it up" (he doesn't halfway know himself), Adalind finally births their baby boy. Again, just like any man who was tricked into having sex with one of his mortal enemies who has tried to kill him and the people around him multiple times before, Nick is ecstatic about the birth. They've potentially just given life to a HexenGrimm (#HexenGrimm).

Oddly enough, though the episode moves exceedingly fast, very little actually happens.

After Nick kidnaps and holds hostage the FBI woman, she tells Hank and the others that she has a meeting with her people scheduled for later that night. She and Nick go to the meeting only to find it already ambushed by another group. Her people are dead and the new monsters have a knack for leaving huge calling cards that resemble something Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' villain The Shredder might leave. Four slash marks across the side of the empty warehouse where they get the best of the FBI agent and they are off into the night, leaving Nick the clue to what comes next. With her dying breath, the agent says horsemen and tells Nick that it's four (or at least I think that's what she said. It could have been Norsemen too). I'm assuming this refers to the book of Revelation's four horsemen prophecy that signals the end of days (everyone loves mixing in Biblical references these days).

What any of this means, we currently don't know. But from the season preview, we know that Trubel will return at some point and that war is coming. I think there's also potential for Juliette to re-surface somehow too, but I don't know if the actress has moved on or not as she was always underutilized. I have a feeling the show might be better without her.

What do you think? Do you watch Grimm? How did you like last night's premiere episode? Do you think that Nick will get a new love interest in either Adalind or Trubel or someone else? And what do you think happened that night the group took Trubel? Let me know in the comments below (hint: click the no comments button if you see no comments).

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Until next time, “Just because I am a wolf doesn't make me a big bad wolf."

P.S. That is probably from a movie or a show or something having to do with wolves, but I can't remember if it is or not. It might not be from anything but it is now. I'll think of something better next time.

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