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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Flash Just Killed A Guy In Cold Glass And Harrison Wells Is Back #TheFlash #CW #Superheroes

The Flash Just Killed A Guy In Cold Glass And Harrison Wells Is Back #TheFlash #CW #Superheroes

All pictures courtesy of CW

Zooming back to our fiber optic airwaves is the Flash... last week. OK, it had it's season premiere last week but I didn't get to write about it because I was busy with all of the three week roundup posts on all the new shows (yes, Quantico, Grandfathered and The Grinder will all be done soon), but I found this week's episode far better than the premiere, which seems to be a trend this season. Ignoring the comment about the fiber optic airwaves because this isn't a science blog, let's just jump in shall we.

To remind everyone, last season's finale saw Barry Allen open up a singularity or what was essentially a black hole. Only now do we know to where that portal led. Surprise! It isn't to an icy planet where Matt Damon is waiting to kill Matthew McConaughey, nor is it to Atlantis, nor is it to Matt Damon growing food on the red planet. You don't get all of those references? I know one of them was to a TV show based on a movie starring James Spader but come on! They should be identifiable... I think. OK, sorry for pop culture-shaming you. That was mean. You don't have to get every reference. But still!

Where did the singularity lead? That is the subject of at least the first half of this season if not its entirety. It led to another universe, which means that there's a secondary earth, which means that the Barry Allen earth is actually part of a multiverse rather than a universe. Fans of the comics will know that this idea has been floating around for quite some time on both the pages of Marvel and DC Comics and has only ever seen any play on TV. With the Flash now exploring such territory, they can bring multiple Flashes on, even reaching back into the pantheon of other superheroes so long as they get the clearance. Hell, they can even bring Tom Wellington's Smallville Superman to our universe for a team-up with the Flash and Green Arrow. Don't bock at that idea, it's possible. And for those who nodded knowingly at that idea I have only to say, "right? Right?" Not wasting any time, the writers and producers started to do just that.

With last week's villain being a Flash ripoff of Batman's Bane and this week's villain Sand Demon (because Sandman was already taken) they have abandoned the threat of this earth's--for the sake of it, let's just call this Earth One--metahumans in favor of villains from another realm, and also yanked a hero from his place in the society he surely loved. Jay Garrick, a man out of time/space, arrived to StarLabs to warn Barry and his posse (yes, I'm bringing that word back. Get used to it) about a villain named Zoom who wants to kill him. Zoom happens to be from Jay Garrick's earth, which we'll just call Earth Two. Jay knows the guy is bad news because he just so happens to be Earth Two's Flash. Unfortunately on Earth One, he's lost his powers though he still retains the retro Amelia Earhart-esque suit. Scientists they are, Barry and the team ask him to prove it and put him through a series of test throughout the show to determine if he's telling the truth. After last year's debacle with Harrison Wells, Barry has played everything close to the chest, and doesn't want to dole out his trust to any old scientific genius that struts through the door. And with the appearance of a Calvin Klein model with a bulkier physique than our favorite Scarlet Speedster, boy, does he strut according to the eyes of Caitlin and Iris.

Meanwhile, as he sits in one of the containment cells in the basement, Sand Demon sets a fire forcing Barry to put it out, then kidnaps an overeager new patrol woman who wants nothing more than to join Joe's defunct metahuman task force because a baddie from last season killed her father in cold blood and then got superpowers.

Finally trusting Jay Garrick, and using Cisco's as yet undefined powers to see into the past in places where he himself had not been, Barry finds out where this Sand Demon is and uses Jay's plan to stop him. Jay's plan: to build enough speed to create and harness the electricity produced by such turbulence and blast it at the man, thusly turning the sand demon into glass. Not even trying to catch the man before he shattered upon the pavement, Jay and Barry both give each other a pat on the back from a job well done. And here I was left thinking about how clean cut DC superheroes like The Flash and Superman are, especially after the hole scuffle between Barry and Green Arrow last season about killing villains. But if Superman's snapping dude's necks, then let the body count commence!

Wrapping things up, Joe reopened his task force with the young woman who just had her life saved by a metahuman, Jay Garrick is going to be part of the team now, Victor Garber--the only half of Firestorm left--collapsed mid-sentence for reasons unknown and Joe's ex-wife and Iris' mother resurfaced in town for the first time ever on the show. While all of that was intriguing, the most "aw snap!" moment came from the revelation that Harrison Wells is not dead, not faking being in a wheelchair anymore and is apparently the head of StarLabs... on Earth Two. Is he Zoom? Is he that earth's Dr. Wells or Earth One's Dr. Wells? 2016 is supposed to be a huge year for comic book films and fans. I can barely contain myself from losing it on Gotham and The Flash alone. I'm too giddy. I need to calm down but I can't. Thank God it's #ChocolateWeek. Only chocolate can make sense of this world.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Jay Garrick get his powers back at some point? Do you think they'll mix the metahumans between both worlds? Will Barry travel to Earth Two? And is the other half of Firestorm still alive in Earth Two or another planet? Let me know in the comments below.

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Until next time, “he was goin' fast!" "How fast?" "Like... really fast."

P.S. That's from a future movie that isn't even out yet. But it's gonna blow your mind and give you total deja vu when you hear some hillbilly uttering it in a film. Yeah! Think about that!

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