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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Good, The Bad, The Crazy, The Author, The Magic, The Dragon, The Finale #OnceUponATime

The Good, The Bad, The Crazy, The Author, The Magic, The Dragon, The Finale #OnceUponATime
All pictures courtesy of ABC
So much to talk about! I really don’t know where to begin. I just finished watching the two hour season finale of ABC’s Once Upon A Time and my jaw was nearly to the floor.

First, pretty much everything changed because of the author (side note: look for my episodic novel series #TheWriter this June) re-scripting the happy endings for everyone. In what was possibly the craziest part of the episode, the author wrote a different story for everyone going forward from that point in time (a very important fact to remember). Suddenly, everyone was gone from the town and back in the fairy tale realm, leaving Henry the lone survivor(?) in amidst the chaos.
Waking to the empty town, Henry ventured off to find everyone by hopping into a car with no license mind you, and zooming down to the nearest diner/restaurant/information place. OK, I don’t really know what that place was but the woman working there didn’t seem to bright as she thought he was a runaway even though he was looking for his parents—don’t think a runaway would do that. He happened to see a copy of a new book by the author and somehow managed to get to the man’s book signing. A little arguing, some threatening to use a key on a paper door and poof! They’re in his book.
Inside the book everyone is supposedly different. Mr. Gold/Rumple is a knight in shining gold armor; Regina is a forest bandit ala Snow White when she was on the lamb from Regina in the original version; Snow and Charming are the Evil Queen and her head knight/guard with the seven dwarves only being six, which dwindled to five before the end of the night (unless we’re counting granny as one now?) And Robin Hood was still a thief... but he was also getting married to Selena and would wed at the toll of Wedding bells in the morrowmorn (new word! Aww snap!). The author being as evil as he is, immediately tried to get Henry killed to preserve the sanctity of the story and maintain his fandom like every writer wants (yes, I want that).

Lo and behold, the Gold Knight saved him from the monstrous ogre before galavanting off to another harrowing adventure (tangent: I cannot believe that #Galavant got renewed. Who saw that comin’? Seriously?) With his life in hand, Henry found Regina and blew her mind by telling her he was her son. He led her to Robin Hood who introduced his soon-to-be wife Selena which made Regina all frowny-faced when she fell in love with him at first sight but couldn’t have him. Henry asked about his real mom and was told that she was locked up out on a tiny island at sea, one he’d need Hook to take him to.

After helping a wimpy Hook steal the Jolly Roger from Black Beard, they found Emma locked in a tower guarded by one Queen’s guard who was easily subdued by the butt of a sword to the forehead. Amazingly, Emma knew who Henry was unlike everyone else, and escaped with him, narrowly avoiding the flame when it turned out that the guard was actually Lily who did her dragon thing at the boat and failed.

Returning to land, the three ran into Snow and Charming where Hook was stabbed and killed by Charming (very important in a confusing way). Henry and his mom escaped and managed to get to the chapel along with Regina to stop the wedding but all she could do was stand at the door and stare at Robin Hood, instead of pulling off an epic The Graduate scene (did I mention my epic novel #Unrequited will be out later this year). Rumple came and twisted swords with Emma in order to keep his happy ending and would have slashed Henry’s throat had it not been for Regina jumping in the way and taking the blade.

With all the hubbub, the bells rang, Robin got married and Regina laid dying when the happy couple emerged from the chapel. Selena grew green when Regina dared bleed on her dress, and Robin gave her that “did I seriously just marry this chick” look. Thankfully the writers didn’t use the true love’s kiss trope again as it had become a little worn, opting to make Henry pick up the pen and become the author. That’s right, the other author was around to laugh and point at Regina’s non-happy ending and still had the pen which he said had been rendered powerless on account of him breaking the rules to not write your own happy ending. #HenryIsTheAuthor.

Henry wrote the magic right out of the book, returning everyone to Storybrooke just as before. The author tried to flee upon re-arrival but was quickly caught. Henry broke the pen because with great penmanship comes great responsibility... or something like that. Still, the one thing left to solve was the riddle of Rumple’s impending succumbing to the darkness. For that, they needed to get back the sorcerer’s apprentice.

Finally being useful, the apprentice tried sucking the darkness out of Gold’s heart and trapping it in the magic hat. While he succeeded at taking out the darkness, he failed in trapping it. In the biggest and best twist of all, the apprentice said that they needed to find the sorcerer who was, drumroll... Merlin! Yeah, it was Merlin the whole time like some of us guessed. Other’s thought it might be Yen Sid, but that would have been too much subliminal Disneyisms. Merlin battled the darkness and could only trap it onto the soul of a single person. This led to... Emma becoming the dark one. What? Did you just read that right? Yes. Yes, you did. #EmmaTheDarkOne . She sucked up the evil energy knowing that her people would find a way to cure her and get her back somehow. The final shot of the season was seeing the name Emma Swan on the dagger. The question: where the heck did she disappear too? Not only did she take on the darkness, it looked like it consumed her. Strange.
Another strange thing was Lily’s small mention setting up another plot for next season, her looking for her father. Maleficent (a character mysteriously absent with everything changing completely) said she didn’t know who her baby daddy was because... well, it happened in dragon form. So she clearly couldn’t tell who she was sleeping with because, you know, there’s all those dragons flying around and having unprotected adult fun (though we’ve only seen two).
Hook was mysteriously alive again even though it was said that the author couldn’t bring people back to life. In one of the most confusing explanations to me, Baelfire (the other person they wanted back) couldn’t be resurrected because he died in the real world, but Hook could because he died in the fake world which actually wasn’t the same as the fairy tale world they originally came from? I don’t know.
With all of that, I was still flipping my lid. I loved every minute of it. I am more jazzed by this finale than I was last season at the introduction of Frozen characters.
So, what did you think of the finale? Did you enjoy it? Did you think that the villains getting happy endings was as good as the author’s fans thought it was? Who do you think is Lily’s father (my money is on Mushu from Mulan)? What do you think about Emma becoming the dark one?

Mulan picture courtesy of Disney

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Until next time, Welcome To The Jungle!

P.S. OK, so maybe that was a quote from Guns and Roses, but man did that song seem to fit at the time I wrote this. I now see that I was wrong. Hmm.

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