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Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Book: Brand New Home

Hello out there!

As promised, I wanted to bring you all a brief synopsis about my new book entitled: Brand New Home, currently availabale on Amazon Kindle.

Everything has a past. Sometimes the past is far more brutal, devastating, and unnerving than we ever thought it could be. A creak of the floorboards. A breath from the furnace. Suddenly, you realize something might be watching you in your own home.

When good fortunes lead to a promotion for the patriarch of the family, the Johnsons must pick up and move to a suburban home in Ohio. Financially gifted, they find themselves living the great American dream when they are not only able to afford another house to call their own, but a brand new home still in the late stages of completion.

Trouble arises when an eerie aura begins pulsating through the very structure of the house. Seeking to destroy the family, this malignant force seems to grow more powerful with each day passed. No ancient burial grounds, no poltergeist and no past lives lost within the house, what could be haunting the Johnsons' Brand New Home?

A sneaking and thought-provoking supernatural horror, Brand New Home takes you on a journey around the world and through time, urging the reader to connect the dots about the real roots of evil as it brings horror back home. Not all houses are haunted by ghosts and demons!
For me, Brand New Home is another foray into the horror genre (my favorite genre in which to write). When first I came up with this book, I wanted to try to take the old paradigms of a haunted house and tweak them a bit in hopes of giving you readers something slightly different to fear. The more paranoid of our society think that they're safe if they move into a house where no one has died or even lived before and the area didn't have a spooky past. But what if they weren't? What if they were in just as much danger as anyone else? What if you lived with an incurable evil? And what if you couldn't escape it?
Join me on this hot and haunting trial of one family. And if you're a religious person, pray that the Johnsons make it out alive.

Purchase your digital copy of Brand New Home here: AMAZON Get it this week because next Monday, May 18, 2015, the price goes from $1.00, up to $3.49.

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