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Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Novella: The Power of TEN

Hello again people out there in the blogosphere. Yes, I have not one, but two good reads that have come out in the last few days. The first I already told you about below, Brand New Home (#Brand New Home. The second is a short story/novella entitled: The Power of TEN. Read below for a synopsis and a brief description of how I tackled the story.

“Though you may never know, not from the story at least,
 His name is Tennessee, and he comes in peace.”

The sudden and unexpected death of a man’s fiancee attracts a strange behavior from a mysterious man. When the perpetrator finds more and more ways to thrust himself into the life of the grieving fiance, tensions build between the two of them as the distraught mourner is unable to understand the actions from this strange and vicious fellow. Though not her killer, what role does the mysterious man have to play in the woman’s death? More importantly, why would he do the heinous act he did to her before her body even chilled? Does he want to kill the fiance? Who is this mysterious man?

A taut and fast-paced horror thriller novella, The Power Of TEN invites you down a rabbit hole that grows more and more curious with each day passed as the grieving man pursues this mysterious man through a dwindling count of ten. What you both may find is stranger and more hopeful than anything one would expect. In time, even you’ll know The Power Of TEN.

Featuring real e-book pages as a testing experiment. This book was formatted to have real e-book pages. Not to be confused with real book pages, e-book page number has been formatted to perfectly fit the Kindle Fire HD page display, displaying each page with a number at the top and keeping the entire page on the screen all at the same time. Note that this only reads as a single page to the screen when the Fire is held upright like a book and is set on the lowest font size setting, Georgia-style.
This novella centers around a strange man with an even stranger power. Showing up usually after an unexpected accidental death, this man does the unthinkable and mutilates the body of a fresh corpse. But his job is not done there. He must busy himself with ten full days of tasks before his job is complete. A haunting and bizarre story with an inspiring end, you won't want to miss this one.
You can buy The Power of TEN here: AMAZON  for the low price of $1.49. Get it now!

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