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Friday, May 8, 2015

It’s Death Season Everybody #GreysAnatomy #Scandal

It’s Death Season Everybody #GreysAnatomy #Scandal

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OK, so it seems as if every show this season has taken a turn to start killing off characters (or in Scandal’s case, giving us every reason to believe that a main character is dead, even saying he is dead only to bring him miraculously back; how the hell is Jake walking around so calmly after one week?) drawing from #HBO’s #GOT or Game of Thrones for those that are uninitiated. Two months ago Sleepy Hollow killed the black guy, Crane’s son and his wife. The Flash killed Cisco but then brought him back through time travel because Kyle Reese hadn’t impregnated him yet with the savior of the human race from the future robot takeover. Wait, why does that sound like a plot to a completely different movie or TV show (#Genisys). Revenge killed of Victoria Grayson, then ABC killed off #Revenge and CBS seems to be doing the same thing for #Stalker. #Empire killed off Vernon and killed in the ratings, but now contract disputes are trying to kill its second season. I feel like somebody is about to die on Nashville, and one of the CSI incarnations should die if only to prevent further world domination.

Of course, the two most shocking deaths came from #Shondaland, both of which I must say disappointed me. The first was Jake’s non-death death. That guy got stabbed more than Caesar and was left on a table to die, which, mind you, should have killed him with the moving of his body alone, right? His would-be killer, from what I remember of the previous episode started stabbing him while he was lying on the floor. He would have had to move his body onto the table after the guy was unconscious.

But did they let him die? No! No, they didn’t. And why not? Maybe for a big May sweeps blowout where everyone dies, I don’t know. But what they did do to me was a bit of a cop-out. Instead of killing Jake they killed some old spy, her grandchildren and her handler—people who we could hardly give much of a damn about. There was some Mellie stuff going on which I still haven’t figured out how I feel about it. If I’m going off on a tangent, it seems like they’re going to try to make Mellie president so they can extend the show longer with there still being a power/romance triangle (Liv and Fitz getting together after his presidency and him not being anything more than a mere citizen doesn’t seem as appealing but who knows). But for the most part, everything around B6-13 is now dead, as in not being pursued... of course, until the end of the episode in which Liv finally figures out who it was that tried killing Jake and leaked about the spy and her grandchildren. Outside of Jake struggling to survive in a dingy, filthy makeshift emergency surgical suite, it didn’t seem as eventful as it should have.

The authentic and most disappointing death to me was on Grey’s. SPOILERS! Derek died. Yeah. Yep. So that happened. If you’re not reading my feelings (and I know you are, you’re probably pretty smart), I hated this departure from Grey’s. When I wrote “Derek died” I realized that that was exactly how it felt watching it. It was so simple, so brief, such a flippant add-on to the season to me that it felt devoid of something. It honestly felt less like one of the two stalwart main characters of the show died, and was more akin to someone’s fat lazy hamster dying. You still feel sad about your friend’s hamster, but... they didn’t really care about that hamster; why should you? Whereas so many others that left Grey’s that might not have been as deserving of their exits were showered with the presence of others, Derek was left alone to mentally monologue his way toward a brain injury that would ultimately prove too severe for him to recover from.

This came after he saved the lives of four people on a mountain highway (after the Callie car crash why the heck are they still traveling those seemingly deserted scenic mountain roads?) after two vehicles got into a crash. Then, while he was busting a U-eey (that’s how the cool kids say it), a semi-truck T-boned his vehicle. He can’t even say his name but the doctors at the nearest hospital don’t do a CT scan and that is when he dies because they ignore the brain bleed.

It wasn’t the fact that he didn’t get to say goodbye to Meredith or that she came and quickly shut the machine off giving up hope in a matter of hours, but it was how the entire episode made it feel like there was drama going on behind-the-scenes with Patrick Dempsey. Yang got a long drawn-out goodbye that took essentially the entire season, Lexie and Sloan got a nice sendoff and at least got to say stuff to their loved ones. George got his 007 signature and a dream sequence where he showed up in uniform. Teddy got a strange declaration of love where Owen loved her enough to let her go. But Derek didn’t get any of that. To me, his death was about as bad as Webber’s wife passing away and him mentioning how she died. Maybe he’ll do a Denny and come back to have some hot ghost sex with Meredith one last time, but outside of that, I didn’t care for this “tentpole” character, the original McDreamy, the one that girls were going crazy for in the first season—I didn’t care for his departure. I know he wanted off, but it was better ways to send him off than that.

If that weren't bad enough, the next couple of episodes deal with his death in a strange way to me. First, I didn't appreciate the full one-year jump in time over the two-hour special. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed these jumps in time in the past on other shows and even on Grey's, but those were generally made at the very end of the season/beginning of the next season. I watched this week's episode and had to constantly stop and remind myself that it had been a year since Derek died and apparently Mere had a baby. What? This didn't even come after a long hiatus, just a big "we're skipping nuanced character development because we don't wanna continue mourning Derek, so here you go fans!"

Then they introduced this young new guy which, let's be honest, looks like a younger Dempsey clone. Luckily, he's only an intern right now, but I can't fathom any turn where they didn't bring him in to be a new guy for the female fandom to obsess over. I don't mind that at all, but the entire episode felt strange. Did anybody else notice the music? Remember those many years ago when Grey's first came on and was partially made famous by the soundtrack of up and coming artists like The Fray and others that brought a soothing calm, emotionally tethering us to the characters, that voice-over and the situations in the show? Well, last night didn't really have that. I know, some episodes have it and others don't, but it didn't feel good like the old Grey's did. It felt like ER which is not what I ever wanted from Grey's.

Finally, there is Derek's sister. Between her and Meredith, they seem to be the only two still reacting to his death, but for some reason I just can't bring myself to like her character. I never watched Private Practice. I tried, I didn't like it, I didn't go back. One of the reasons was because I didn't like the characters all that much. Now that Derek's sister is on here, it seems like the entire season has been about her. While I'm sure she has her own fans, I am not one, nor do I really like the other "black" Grey/Webber.

For me, with the killing off of Derek, the news that Ellen Pompeo wants to leave too, and the changes to the show, focusing on characters I just can't seem to care about, I might finally have to walk away from the show after this season or next. I know, diehard fans will hate me, but it just isn't the same and that is the real shame.

What do you all think, readers? Did you enjoy the ending of Derek (#RIPMcDreamy; #EndofMere-Der)? Or did you think that it wasn’t as good as some of the other notable departures from the show? What do you think about all the deaths in shows this season? Is it keeping your favorite show interesting, or is it starting to get a little overdone? And most importantly, are you still sticking with Grey's? Is it better than ever or do you also hear the death bell tolling for your viewership? Let me know in the comments below (click the no comments button if no one has left a comment yet).

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Until next time, It was the Best of times. It was the Worst of Times.

P.S. OK, so I kinda went literary with my signoff. I’m still working on it, gosh! Get off my back about it people. It’ll come naturally and when it does, it will be a spectacular signoff. Anyways, Books!
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