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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dig Three Graves #Revenge Series Finale

Dig Three Graves #Revenge Series Finale
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I know this is a few days late, but I just had to write it. Maybe this one will be a little shorter. Anyway, on the series finale of Revenge we actually got a proper series finale. Everything wrapped up in a pretty little bow for we viewers who stayed with and enjoyed the show from its inception. There was so much going on in that one hour that it felt like it was two or at least should have been. As always, I don’t really know where to begin.

Let’s start with the fact that Evil Queen Victoria was alive. Yes, we discovered this in the previous episode but we as an audience felt an empathetic shock when Louise was confronted by the living Victoria who wanted help in carrying out her ultimate plan of revenge against Amanda/Emily. We also found out last week that the body of the woman who blew up was an unclaimed cadaver from somewhere upstate but had the added reveal of it being Victoria’s own mother who had just recently died after somebody threw a bucket of water on her and she mel—I mean, she died of some disease. One curious thing, they said that the two hadn’t talked in eight years when I could have sworn that the woman had appeared on the show before (sometime last season). Maybe I’m wrong on that. Feeling more betrayed and used than ever, Louise actually didn’t side with her play-mother’s plan, opting instead to run back to Nolan. While this might not have sat well with some viewers, at least Nolan had showed some sense of caring for her at some point by marrying her and getting her from under her mother’s thumb.

But before Louise could converge with Nolan, thereby joining Amanda’s side, Amanda had to do some trickery and sleuthing of her own. First, she and Nolan broke her out of jail after she confessed to killing Victoria Grayson—a move she only did to get her into a higher security jail that was easier to prisonbreak. Go figure! A little detective work led her and Jack to what appeared to be a safe house of some sort where we last saw Victoria killing Jack’s old partner the week before, or rather the female goon that was hired to protect Victoria doing the deed (side note: Courtney Love is making a comeback? That’s so crazy. I would have never thought that of all the people that she would pop up in show after show). She happened to scoop some uncleaned blood from under the baseboard that clearly belonged to the dead cop. With enough evidence to convince herself of Victoria’s evilness, she was on a mission to do nothing more than kill the old bat finally.

Unfortunately, the group wouldn’t escape unscathed as Jack went back to the house (for reasons I’m still not too clear on) and ran into the assassin who stabbed him through. He’d survive but that would only strengthen Nolan and Amanda’s resolve. Knowing that it was nearly over, Nolan started to freak about what his identity going forward would be. I have a very interesting idea about that as I enjoyed his character—more on that later.

Finally reconnecting with Louise, she led Amanda to Victoria’s new hideout where they could have it out in one last battle. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed that they didn’t throwdown Dynasty style and Amanda seek her revenge through her bare hands. But after being assured that the room was wired to send out a video stream of whatever happened, Amanda put on her blinders and still raised the gun to shoot the Evil Queen only to have her dad David come behind her and take the shot himself, sparring her from sinking to the lowest level. While some fans disagree with even this twist, I found it actually more poetic than anything because of the connection between David and Victoria. If she had only dared to truly love him in the first place, then none of this might have happened. And if he had only dared to never love her, again there would probably have been no show. So, the fact that he is the one that kills her even after spending a good part of the season in her arms, to me is poetic. But she doesn’t die without getting in a shot herself, sending Amanda tumbling into her father’s arms just before the commercial break.

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Upon return from the advertisements, it is revealed that some time has passed since Victoria died. She didn’t lie about the room being set for filming and David was tried and convicted of her murder. Luckily, because he was already deathly ill, the judge granted him a stay of compassion so he could spend his last few days at home with Amanda. In a tearful goodbye on a cold wintry day, he told her to look back at the double infinity carving on the porch one last time and professed his love for his only daughter before taking his last breath.

If you missed it, that’s right, Amanda was still alive. She recovered from her gunshot and got with Jack, marrying him and literally sailing off into the sunset to get her happy ending. In what was supposed to be another twist that would be left open for viewer debate, a scene where her younger half-sister Charlotte stood in the hospital and donated her mother’s heart to Amanda was shown in a different color to signify Amanda dreaming. What is in question is whether this was just a nightmare or if it actually happened and she is living with the heart of her sworn enemy. I tend to go the inception route and say that it didn’t happen and it was all just a dream, but to each their own theory. Also, some fans have been down on the fact that Amanda didn’t die with Victoria. I actually enjoyed that she didn’t. While she did embark on a journey of revenge that led to people’s deaths, it must be noted that she never really killed anyone herself. She just wanted them to suffer and they did and she did. I think that having her die would have felt too much like the sins of the father visited upon the daughter without cause. Victoria was truly evil. She actually killed people or had them killed. David was even a killer. Amanda, after all was said and done, was still nothing more than a hurt little daddy’s girl who tried sticking up for her dad even while being lied too and manipulated. She’s Louise in five years. I thought it just that she survive and end up with Jack, because she wasn’t the one who threw her life off the path that would have ended in his arms anyway. Sure, she could have not gone for revenge at all, but then she might have never known the truth about her life.

With Amanda’s story come to an end, the last few seconds were spent on Nolan. In my opinion, he had the saddest end of all. Though he had a new beau or beauty to “wrestle” with each season, he ended up with no one in the end. He devoted years of his life to Emily’s quest for vengeance and what does he have now... outside of being a genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist? As great as the wrap-up was, his (and to a lesser extent Louise’s) story felt the most unfinished, like it could continue. And with some young man coming to him and telling Nolan that one of his family member’s was accused of a crime they didn’t do, it seemed like the billionaire might have found his calling. This leads me to my theory/half-want/desire. I would like to see a long-defunct ABC show get revived with Nolan as the eccentric head of a team of elites. The show was entitled Vengeance Unlimited and it starred Michael Madsen. In it, he helped people to get vengeance against criminals that had done them wrong. It was a weekly revenge, essentially. With the right cast around him and some good writers, I think now is the perfect environment for this on ABC as it could be a quirkier mix between Scandal and Revenge and I really want more Nolan. Here’s hoping for a Revenge, Inc. spin-off.

Check it out here on IMDb

So, what do you think Revenge fans out there. Are you sad to see it go? Did you like the happy ending for our dear Amanda? Did you like the end for Victoria or should she have lived? What about Nolan? Do you think my idea for him is any good or should the show and all of its characters completely die?

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Until next time, Might sound crazy, but it ain’t no lie. Baby, bye bye bye!

P.S. OK, so that was N’Sync. And...? I liked N’Sync and young Justin Timberlake’s crazy curl. It might not be good for my sign-off but it works here.

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