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Sunday, March 13, 2016

OT: A Word On Politics #Decision2016 #RepublicanPrimary #DemocraticPrimary #TheProvocateur

OT: A Word On Politics #Decision2016 #RepublicanPrimary #DemocraticPrimary #TheProvocateur

Book cover. 

Well, not one but two off-topic blog posts in a row. I'm getting pretty fancy by venturing out of my public comfort zone. I would nearly be afraid of how harshly people would judge me about the offensive things I might say were I not on the internet, a designated free speech zone where I know that no one ever criticizes another's opinion as stupid simply because they disagree. No, this post won't delve too deeply into politics. I won't be telling you which of the myriad of candidates to vote for neither in the primaries nor in the general election way out in November. However, I would like to take a quick look at what is going on in the American--nay, the world conscious as we speak. It started with one tiny finger-push of provocation.

Quick story, when I was younger I ran into a group of very unnerving people. Long story short (boy, when do I ever do that, huh?) I came to realize I wasn't just involved with some run-of-the-milll power hoarders. Fast forward quite some time and they commission me to write a book entitled The Provocateur (#TheProvocateur). The book is my least favorite work. It is specifically edited the way it is for a specific purpose and reason and is generally one of my only works I do not advertise. Don't think this is an advertisement today. This is a call to stop and think at every turn of our current political process and stand back to take in a full view of what's going on.


That is the general theme of the book. My job, at the time, was to take these themes presented to me as truth by this group and to weave them into a psuedo-fiction. If you're a fan of my work, first off congratulations to you and thank you for calling yourself as such. Second off, you will come to realize over time just how blurred the lines between fiction and reality get within my reads. Don't take this as some "run to your nearest Amazon link and buy the book" hoopla. That book is not at all for everybody, or even most people. It is raw, it is very nasty and you will be offended by it, bar none. But the worst effect it has is its effect on your feelings, thoughts and emotions (wait, feelings and emotions are the same thing, right? Eh, whatever. I've already typed it. No use in editing it. No other blog writers or reporters do that on the internet, right?). It's not a book for enjoyment which is usually crucial in selling a fictional book. Nor is it positive. And there are many things in it which any person in any given argument or movement will agree with or call patently untruthful. Yet, it is somehow relevant from what I've seen.

The provocateur plays on conspiracy theories suggesting that all of society is puppeteered, pushed, pulled, provoked and controlled by a very small group of highly intellectual... overlords of sorts. While many people (conspiracy theorists) would naturally jump to the conclusion that, "Yes, these people are the CEOs and boardmembers of Fortune 500 companies or huge multi-national conglomerates," this is quite false. They control those people, too. What does this have to do with the political process? Everything.

The main character of the book says that this small group of provocateurs of which he is one, actually seeks to unite people, but to unite them in discord. People are united in their anger, in their frustration, in their hostility for each other or for each other's ideologies. The easiest way, as said by the provocateur, to do this is to make people feel as if their voice is not being heard, then push them or invite them or give them someway and form by which to "join the conversation." If you've been paying attention in the last 20, 30, 40, hell, ever since the dawn of civilization, you will have heard nearly those exact words. "Join the conversation," "Become part of the dialogue," "Pull up a seat at the table and share your views. We wanna hear your opinion." Don't get me wrong free speech and actually talking out issues is well and good, however, it is also the most thorough trick by which the Provocateurs control all of society. See, they know that by inviting everyone to the table and having people of different views and zealots on all sides of a particular issue, they can keep you at the table having the dialogue. Why? Because the zealots, the ultra-conservatives or ultra-liberals never let up from their stance, and will argue to the death to convince the others that they are right.

Some will see that and say, well that's good, right? Because if we don't talk about it how will anything ever get done on it? But that's the point. Little ever does get done about it, because everyone is so engrossed and embattled with the conversation. They never stop talking and start doing. And even when they do start doing, the provocateurs either find a new "issue" to draw them back to the conversation or push a wild card into the mix to get things back to chaos.

As stated in my novel Darker (an ode to Stephen King's first traditionally published work Carrie) I mention that Blacks in the US have literally been having the same conversation for the last 30+ years. Though the tagline of the conversation changes and transforms to fit into what people see as the supposedly "new" paradigm (in the book a point is made that none of what we are seeing from any group or any issue we face today including: feminism, men's rights, homophobia, transgender issues, abortion, radicalism, religions, etc. is new), nothing is new about the arguments on either side. The taglines go: "Where have all the black men gone? Why are all the good, successful black men dating/marrying outside their race? Why can't black women find good men? Why are there so many unwed single black mothers?" and the list goes on. The arguments from both sides vary: "Black men just have a preference; Black women are mean and rude, and not marriage material; Black women are too aggressive and should be more docile like white women; A lot of Black men are just getting locked up; The statistics don't really tell the full story because while young mothers are less inclined to be married, the percentage of unmarried women past a certain age is extremely low in this country." The last argument (and the most recent) I find to be the most interesting seeing as how the latest census (what, 6 years ago?) said that only 14% of women in the US are unmarried after 35 I believe. The argument then posed that black women just marry later in life. However, what it failed to take into account was that black women only make up about 7-8% of the population (Blacks being only 12-14% of the nation). In any case, you see my point here. There's been a conversation ongoing with multiple solutions posed ("Black women should date outside of their race more" or "they should date down") but nothing has been done to actually fix the problem. There's a never-ending stream of rhetoric of what we should and shouldn't do.

"But, Michael, I'm not Black, so this doesn't apply to me." Maybe that's true, but the overall structure of it does. This is applied to and for any issue. It's a pattern. I say all of that to say this, the vitriol and hatred that has come out during these primaries on both sides and from all people is doing nothing to help any situation. It is only adding to the chatter and frustration, which adds to the contempt. The amount of time people are spending on the rhetoric for and from their side, the protests of the rallies of any candidate (whether it be the #TrumpRally foolishness or BlackLivesMatter interrupting both Bernie and Hillary) adds nothing but more fuel for the conversation that has gotten this country nowhere. We're running to events meant for the opposition knowing that we'll cause conflict and thinking that'll incite change. It won't. People, we must focus our time instead on coming up with real solutions to the problems (something we do try to do during the endless conversations) but then forging ahead with those solutions (something that is seldom done) regardless of how others feel about it. "But we already help our communities and try to build them up." Then do even more of that. Unite your community with another and truly get behind an innovator. Do something that will be productive with your time other than this, because the longer you talk, the longer you're simply in the conversation, the less real change and progress occurs. It's time to stop the conversation and start focusing on real action. My too sense.

I'm not gonna ask for comments this time. Too much of that. All I ask is that if you go to one of these rallies for any candidate, be safe. And spend more time backing your candidate rather than dissing another.
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Until next time, "She sells seashells offshore through the TPP."
'What? First our jobs, now our seashells? What else will China take?'

P.S. God, I'm so funny! I forget how hilarious I am sometimes, but there it is, my humor rearing it's comical head. And you all think this political season is crazy, just wait until we have Trump running for President again, this time against Kanye West in 2020. Things keep going this way, I'll run for president one day. Count on it ;).

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