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Friday, December 11, 2015

Superman Will Die In Batman V. Superman #BatmanvSuperman #Superheroes #ComicBookMovie

Superman Will Die In Batman V. Superman #BatmanvSuperman #Superheroes #ComicBookMovie

All pictures courtesy of WB/DC unless otherwise noted. 

Oh! My! God! So, I just heard from a friend that a whopping amount of craziness is going to go down due to the Batman v. Superman film and supposedly some of the real tea behind the scenes at Warner Bros.
For starters, you read that title right, Superman will die in Batman V. Superman (#BatmanvSuperman)... supposedly. Wondering why Warner Bros. hadn't really come out with plans for a second Man of Steel? That's why. So, here's the rundown. Apparently, fans needn't worry about that trailer that came out last week spoiling the whole movie. From my friend, I'm hearing that it only showed footage from the first 90 minutes of the film that is slated to be at least another hour longer than that. Basically, much of what you saw was from the first two acts of the film, with the exception of a few scenes not including the Doomsday thing.

Oh yeah, as for Doomsday, the producers are sticking close to the comic book and will actually have Doomsday kill Superman as they die together. Only after this does Batman fully come to respect him through his sacrifice for the cause. That little team shot you see of all three of them (including Wonder Woman) standing in guard doesn't actually bring them together like everyone thinks it will. In fact, Batman becomes almost more driven to destroy Superman because he blames him for the rise of this new supervillain in Doomsday, hence why Superman makes the sacrifice.

So, what then happens after that? And how does Superman come back? That is when the Flash comes in for his cameo. Were you wondering why they rushed to cast everyone so quick to stuff them into this movie? I was. The flash comes from the future--yes, they're going to use time travel this soon--to try to warn everyone what will happen. That scene that everyone is calling the nightmare is actually a scene from the future where Darkseid is somehow controlling various members of the Justice League which is where we'll see the entire team fighting in a short cameo both against the parademons and Superman.

But now learning that Superman has died, The Flash realizes the time line has been changed and ventures off to go further back in time to change the events leading up to this. Here's the kicker! The Flash's time travel and Superman's death is the whole reason why, skipping Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman is the next DC film release and it is set in the past. The Flash is supposed to make a cameo in that film too, though why is still unclear; but Steve Trevor is somehow supposed to come to this current time by Justice League part two.

Superman is supposed to be dead until the beginning of Justice League is all that the producers and writers know so far and he's supposed to be brought back to help defeat Darkseid. This whole thing blows my little theory earlier on Cullan Mulvey being Martian Manhunter and not KGBeast like initially reported out of the water. Again, the Flash scene is really only like three minutes long where he explains this to Batman and Wonder Woman toward the end of the film. But the film is supposed to both end on a serious cliffhanger while still giving a satisfying end.

What do you think about this new "news" (everything's a rumor until the movie opens)? Did you expect Warner Bros. to actually kill off Superman like they did in the comics? How many times do you think Doomsday will evolve? What do you think of the time travel of the Flash being crucial to the end of the story? Let me know in the comments below (hint: click the no comments button if you see no comments).

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Until next time, "holy cow, Batman! Superman's dead'

P.S. I was surprised when they brought in time travel so quickly to the Flash TV series but maybe that is a testing ground for everything now.

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